26th December - Boxing Day Sales @ Thursday, January 02, 2014

26th December - Boxing Day Sales

Arriving just before 7am we got parking near Coles, and there was only like 4 people outside Lush. O.o Where's everyone? Last year there was like 20 and people lined up for hours! 

Bought Ponche for jas (only the small/med sz life) and $10 of bath bombs for us. Half the stuff on the list was sold out (before the sale), but we're going to the city tomorrow. 

Next was Priceline. I have the last Skinvital C-Brightening Mask! (They only had one, and at the store we went to the other day they had none.) It was starting to get busy when we left. 

Muffin from Muffin Break, it was great. Choc Chip Classic. Inquired about the spinach & feta which they said is a bit dry. Failed to notice how much they were, as I got free food from a few places as it's my birthday. :P Subway lunch and coke (no likely, offer said any drink, manager said no). Coconut cone from Baskin Robbins. Free Boost, and burrito at Salsa. Didn't eat all the above. :P

Typo had a sale, we love Typo on sale! Never been to their Chadstone store before, love the styling back wall. We bought a tree ($2) and baubles for $4 (2 packs). Later on we would find them 16 for $1 at the Reject Shop. Missing string which we didn't actually need. 

Koko Black & Lindt had 50% Off their Xmas Stuff. Milk chocolate baubles from koko, and santa/reindeer/teddy bears from Lindt. With Lindt the sale is at Coles too.

L'Occitane had mini pamper kits I loved, but not the cheap $10-20 ones. Portmans was out of the cupcake cases I wanted. No one is doing holds today. Asians lined up around the corner to buy Swarovski and the lines for all the designer bags were long too. What's with asians and Swarovski? 

Lovisa had a sale, but things were cheaper on their website.

The Body Shop had 50% Xmas Stock. Love the Cranberry Joy Spray.

Love the Cotton Candy Things, Jewelry Holder.
$2.50 Trees at Lincraft. 45cm tall. 

Coconut Ice Cream!

Priceline. Priceline, had everything on hold :P decided to get something 
not on the list, FOA face wipes. Yay for not having to browse instores! 

Lots of creams, should we start with the tried & tested or new?

Ran out of stars and butterflies.

Lincraft has 50% Off Xmas Stock and 40% Off everything else. They had 45cm mini tinsel trees for $2.50 in silver and red mainly. No deco though. These little trees and much more popular then I thought. 

Also got a 6k bucket of perler beads, not the official brand though. It was $8 which is great because it was the whole kit. Not online, it was $13. At Ikea the beads are $10 and 4 plates are $3. Now we shall have the joy of separating 6,000 beads.

Fabric for Capes & Aprons 

The Things I Didn't Buy - But Liked

Did you get any bargains today?  

Blogger T said... on January 24, 2014 at 10:49 PM  

I LOVE your blog :) There is such a big difference when reading blogs from Australia! You shop where i shop, buy things i buy :D Go to same sales i go to! hehe And i really appreciate the effort you put into your blog layout :) It's so pretty. Hopefully i will be motivated enough to work on mine one day hehe

Blogger Charlie said... on January 27, 2014 at 3:09 AM  

Hi T, thanks. It's really not that much work, just an afternoon and you could have a nice layout too.

P.S. Centering a line or two is cool, but the whole page gets a bit much and it's hard to figure out which line you're up to. I used to be a 'center everything' person. Good to see you using paragraphs. :)

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