Raspberry Roses & Naked for Satan @ Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My favourite picture.


Raspberry M&Ms!

Monday 17th February

Made it to class on time! Lately we've been lagging. Motivation on low, even though there's so much stuff going on. Missed filming this morning. Made a manila folder-esque giftcard which was cool (not the pattern though, that hurts my eyes) and a cute embossed card. Love embossing. Also finished last week's card (added more rhinestones).

Found these 2 for $2.

We danced. A tip someone gave me was to feel the music, and be less repressed... I don't feel much. And the only time when I feel the music is when it's crazy outdoor night club loud.


Failed to get up again... missed orientation day, something else I was looking forwards to.

A quick trip to DJ to make some appointments in which there's no doubt they'll attempt get get me to buy something, even though it's complimentary. There's a lot of marketing effort in just getting the consumer to trial the product. Clinque's samples (2/3) are twice the size which is nice. 

And once again we've signed up for the wrong class. MBA...


Day 3 of "I failed to leave the bed". This isn't going well...

Found this interesting article

1. There is no such thing there as a little “secret ingredient.” Sugar, salt, pepper, oils, and routine spices are used for family meals. ...they like sweet, high fat, high calories things. - We do have a quantity over quality issue. Also this explains why I'm addicted to sugar!

5. In America, whether you are a student, working person, or housewife, you carefully make room for leisure time, weekdays and weekends. Most people are ensured free time, always. In Japan we believe that there is no free time during the weekday. Only the weekend. 

8. Cashiers are slow. Abysmally slow compared to Japan. - Love the self-serve checkut!

10. In Japan, there is great fear of failure and mistakes in front of other people. It is better to do nothing and avoid being criticized than to taste the humiliation of failure. As a result, there are things we wanted to do, but did not, and often regret. In America, you can make mistakes, fail, and it doesn’t matter.


Missed a lunch appointment... had sushi which I love! The egg is for dessert. :P

Meeting with white hot chocolate. Home, back to the city for a talk on 'Melbourne Food and Wine Festival'. Why is everything so expensive?! We'd like to go the 'World's longest lunch' (530 metres) but it's very $$$ and I heard only politicians and other people at that level go. Class. Dinner on the train, Bing Boy.

Priceline on Bourke St (Main One) - $3 

PLLs does film noir!  the "Golden Age of Detective Fiction" which was an era of classic murder mystery novels produced by various authors, all following similar patterns and style. 1920s and 1930s. Though this episode is set in the 1940s, and the characters did not fall into this time, the time fell on them -- you take the time and you put it on them.

Ali gets one scene. :P

Spencer gets a lovely night gown. Hanna's puffy sleeves are interesting...

Emily is very Sophia Loren, her plot line sucks, her r'ship with Paige is back in the closet. 
Hanna,  typical secretary -- a little inappropriate, everything fits just a little bit tighter but high fashion. Bold prints, super feminine. Mona was very femme fatale - love! Love the styling, hair and all! 

Paige's hair and outfits were awful, just because she's not the girl in the r'ship doesn't mean she has to be not pretty and stylish! Ali as a showgirl was interesting. Though Aria's suit was too modern and a bit much in bk/w.

Loving fedoras and Toby playing detective!

There was an episode of Charmed where two characters were sucked into a 1930's gangster novel S07E08.

I'd love to do a 20s-40s femme fatale photoshoot! And watch some films of that era.


Mail - Maybelline Fit Me Stick Foundation. Unfortunately I ordered one shade too light! And now it can only be used as a concealer. :( Was very close though, I'm 120, just one shade off.

Therapy, we're working on the OCD of cleanliness - I like it clean! There are germs everywhere! 

Going to the dentist we only had liquid till then. Do you really expect me to brush my teeth and all, and not eat for an entire 90mins? :P Breakfast was a choc banana smoothie. 

The dentist and her nurse were lovely. The dentist's handwriting was a font! Cursive and all pretty. She says it's an American thing, and back when they all wrote like that. Long before my time, cause we never wrote like that. She put some blue tac in a mold in my mouth to get the shape for the mouthguard. The grinding is really bad as we have chips and lines inside my mouth formed by grinding. Don't google image that - I did, it's creepy. I'm scared of teeth too...

Late lunch at Red Pepper. People change overtime, sometimes for better sometimes not. The butter chicken is now too spicy for me to handle. But I do like it. Killed some taste buds. The naan on one side was burnt. But other than that it was good. I like how it's all relatively natural and not a radioactive/highlighter colours. 

What's your favourite Indian place?

Sportsgirl which does not sell sports wear always has interesting displays.

Exploring a bit, went to the library and then went home. Along the way we analyzed the chances of meeting someone who said hi to you in the paper. Very low. 

If going to the movies with the in-law from now on we shall stick to family movies and documentaries narrated by David Attenbrough. And not MA15+ movies with ass, swearing, kissing, relationships and implied f*cking. We went to the movies and she under the no trust policy decided to join us and sit in the middle. I frowned/looked grossed out by most of the movie, while le beau laughed once, got a dirty look and then spent the rest of the time trying to keep a straight face and not laugh.


Call from work. Nightmare - those are the ones you wake up from right? Was at work, saw the sign-in tent but I wandered off into a school with blackboards. My room was in there, we lived in dorms. Was I a teacher or was I looking for a teacher? Lily, le beau, a favourite? Found a dragon in a steam-punk styled room. The event started in the morning (I can tell by the lighting/shadow positioning), but my watch said 1.45pm and we start at 2pm... Perhaps I should sleep in the car tonight!

Missed the train by 20 seconds! Would have made it but I had to touch on. I saw it leave, and I don't end the end of it, it was at the end of the station (as in the end when it got to the city). Met up with Nancy (we met at enrollments, I was working there) and my penpal from school and his friend. As most of the exchange kids come from German I thought they were German, so it was funny when I asked if it was cold there and no one knew. They didn't have a German accent, but not everyone who lives there is German and looks like a Hans/Hunter. 

We went to 'Nakid for Satan' where they were retro/vintage nude pictures for wallpaper, as it all blends it I don't really notice it. But I do like how they all like the average woman and not a stick insect model sometimes with fake add ons. The boys had beer while we had canapes (pionates), 2/3 of the ones I had were amazing! Goat's cheese (something else), and poached pear with cream cheese and walnuts. And Mon-Fri lunchtime they're only $1 each! We'll be back quite possibly next week.

After drinks/snacks the boys headed off to buy beer/drinks for a typical night out, while Nancy and I went shopping. Samples with the beauty book for her and lingerie for me (Triumph doesn't do my size). The SA at GA was great (checking out stage foundations) and so was the French girl at Sisley, who said France held the first "White Night" - the thing that's happening tonight. We went last year.

An amazing picture! Pretty sure photoshop was involved. :P

Did you go to White Night?    

Blogger Kay HermosaVogue said... on February 27, 2014 at 10:05 AM  

I'm sure you've mentioned it before on the blog but what are these Monday classes you attend?

Blogger Charlie said... on February 27, 2014 at 10:47 PM  

Cardmaking and Ballroom Dancing. :)

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