Uncategorized Happenings @ Sunday, February 09, 2014

Last Week... 

Should we go with the red casio quality or cheap blue not printed centered each time?

Started creating our anniversary present. Planned it v2, this time on graph paper and no textars with thick lines to confuse us. Decided to use the pattern on the card as a guide to holepunch on the exact same spot on all 55 cards. We also determined the size for the note on top. Lots of maths today. :)

Draft v1.

Draft v2. - Final

My latest purchased book (library didn't have it). To be read.

I quite like this mask, but first we need to dress to go with it. Though this one is twice the price it normally RRPs for at $40. There is only one company that does all the good quality ones.

Other masks. We like masks and have a few already. :P

Bunnies! That big one is very odd... 

All about sunscreen. Turns out only my face is allergic to it...

We have raspberry m&ms! But not fresh affordable berries.
Loving that sugar crystal candy used to hold stuff, looks like amethyst.

Loving honeycomb & butterscotch.

This is a pretty cool bottle, shame they didn't have a mini one on a pendent.



Adventure of the Day 

On the way to lunch we came across the St Kilda Festival and 'Pride March', back home it always has the word gay in front. While we didn't see anyone wearing rainbow flags as a cape we saw plenty of flags and on at town hall too.

A block away was an open house by 'Pride Real Estate'. So do they only sell to gays or are all the lovely real estate guys gay? XD Think it was just a bad weekend to have an open house. Jas says coincidence, sell only to gay or only employing gay is discrimination. But then what about people having a preference to hire out to families rather than a bunch of 20-somethings?

Lunch at SpudBar, got the classic as always :P it was good. We should definitely check out Lentails as Anything in Footscray at some point. He had the Thai Chicken. 

Stopped by the art shop on the way home, crashed and it was too hot to to dancing, so our first class will be tomorrow night.

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