Naked for Satan @ Saturday, March 01, 2014

Last Saturday we met up with Nancy and killed her innocence with vintage nude pictures, and one of my penpals, from Mexico, Tybalt and his friend. As 'Naked for Satan's always a good pick in the afternoon, before it gets busy we went there. To get there take the 112 tram from City Square (Collins x Swanston).

 I do like the colour theme / lighting of the area out front. 

My preferred seating area with lighting for photography. 

Do you think all those bottles are empty too?

I love this one!

A block of egg & onion?

Though this one is my favourite! The picture wasn't blurry when I took it...

During weekends these are $2 each (counted by the toothpick) and $1 for weekday lunch.
As far as I know they don't do take-away, but I'd love to eat this at a park.

I do enjoy these and will be back for a weekday lunch!

The wallpaper on the right is vintage nudes. I like them because they all blend so no one picture sticks out more than another, and because all the women are average sized rather than twigs.

Nancy said that this seems like a date bar, dark corners perfect for touching each other and other things... Perhaps for the average person, but no not for us. Le beau and I do go out but not to dimly lit places that are loud.

There's bar tables and there's also couches.

I do believe those candles are real.

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Once I try all the tapas baguette slice things I may get bored, but until then we shall we back!

Have you been to 'Naked for Satan'? Or had their $9 rooftop weekday lunches?

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