A Slow Start @ Wednesday, April 02, 2014

24th Monday & Tuesday - March 

In class we made this...

My nylon beyond elbow (opera) length gloves arrived! And most importantly they fit and are comfortable a rare thing, as ebay stuff from warehouses are designed for stick insects. 

Nothing happened Tuesday, but we did discover the bullet journal which looks great, going to try it next month. 

Mail, black & white lace gloves. Loving ebay, cut out the middleman and buy direct.

Lincraft brand perler beads. Something wrong with the iron, beads didn't all melt while both pegboards were destroyed. Pokeball had air bubbles, while the letter didn't melt evenly, later I find out that it was the power board. Also the letter isn't flat, it has a curve.


Themeing and design in class, building worlds.

Chicken & Onion bread roll and smoothie for dinner on the go. Does Lentils do take-away? I'd like to go there for lunch/dinner sometime.

Waited 30mins for the very late bus. It was smokey today with planned burnings of trees. The air was polluted from the city to the suburbs.

Dancing, I've completely forgotten how to turn fast, though can do it in slow motion. Networked. A guy touched himself while standing in front of me while looking at me! With his clothes on, at first I thought he was referring to feet or something. People are odd. Oh and he's not like 20 something, he's someone's grandfather!

Mid-Week Shopping 

Mail - Marketing fail. This isn't for mature women or used for personal status whatever that means, also mature women aren't normally stick insects.

Tickets to the Preview! 

Loving these OUAT Recaps! The 2nd episode is done in a SATC style! Addie does amazing recaps, that even those who don't watch OUAT understand. It's a shame you can't find them all, as in they don't all turn up under tags, that or there's no 'previous posts' button.

Revenge Style



The day started with a meeting. Shopping followed, girls get excited about make-up sales, I don't really care, I get excited about craft sales. Lincraft (City store only) has 50% off everything! Not much in the fasinator department, but lots under craft. Bought the binder rings for our anniversary project.

They sold out lunch 2mins before I arrived! Got very upset about that. Traveled far as well as it's a bad location between two stations. Sometimes I have self-control than others days when I throw a tantrum.

Half the class turned up, talks about assertiveness. Doesn't work with girls though XD they just laugh that they made you upset and now you're talking about your feelings. Feelings are a sign of weakness.

To the library, crashed. Authur and his friend hung around for a while. Grabbed a not nice potato cake at the station on the way, best ones are at South Melb. Dim Sims. Too tired to go to the show tonight, plus we have a meeting tomorrow.   

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