Fukuryu Ramen @ Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dinner at a Fukuryu Ramen in China Town, down the lane opposite China Bar, near a white sign for a Japanese restaurant, right below the red sign (yes I got lost, and found the staff entry :P). This isn't a place you stumble upon, rather it's a place that you have planned to go to.  

On arrival we discovered the menu on the website, consisting of 4 pictures (with like 4+ dishes in each picture) is their actual menu, rather than a preview. So this place specializes in Ramen (yummy Japenese noodles). They also have  izakaya aka tapas plates as entree, which I look forwards to trying when we come back in a group.

We ordered, and then helped ourselves (while Jas did it, while I took pictures) to water. Cold and filtered, with the option of sparkling (tastes like panadol to me :P) served in Ikea glasses, this place has the best free water. 

It may be a Tuesday night, but here is was quite busy (they have 70 seats) with only a couple tables for 2 (us + the camera makes 3) and a large communal one for 8. High expections, that were filled. There was an energetic and welcoming atmosphere, with the staff being very friendly. 

Part of the kitchen, or the arrangement of the dishes (bowls?) was open plan and you could see the staff busily arranging the seaweed (deco only IMO) and looking for tables numbers to deliver a hot bowl of ramen to. The staff were great and didn't mind pictures. :P 

I saw what I thought was a sheep's brain in a jar of green liquid at the counter. XD Unfortunately I didn't get a picture, but it was actually a plum. XD Depending on if it's alcoholic or not I'd like to try it next time. 

I had Shoyu Ramen $10, which is Toyko Style, not sure what that means as for the first time ever I had a question and did not ask. :P Typically it comes with pork belly, but I got a chicken wonton substitute instead.

It was lovely, perfect for this weather. Outside it was raining and had been since I left home that morning, cold and wet. A flavourous broth/soup (with no msg), two pieces of chicken wonton, half a boiled egg, 3 slices of fish cake (I love fish cake!), noodles and garnishings. My first taste of Ramen and I like it!  

Meanwhile jas had the Miso Ramen $10, which he also enjoyed.

Condiments, he loves the chili flakes. 

Despite the advertised offer of free green tea soft serve that ended yesterday (as seen on fb) they were still offering it today. Yay! Though we I picked this place because it was close to where our show was tonight. 

After our meal we were offered soft serves, which while small had also concentrated amount of green tea (this is a good thing) which was very different from Rice Workshop, with a light flavour and sometimes stale cone 1/3). The perfect way to end a Japanese meal, though if you wanted tea I'm sure they sell it. 

Great place if you want something simple and delicious. And unlike a lot of great places, it's not small! So no booking required. It's also very cheap. The staff were very friendly, and it's a place where it's fine to be alone (though I personally think going almost anywhere were you don't have to book at least a table for two is fine). Great location too, you could walk up an alley from Bourke (x) Russell. We'll be back to have more Ramen on upcoming winter night, and the chicken karrage (fried chicken!).

And for those of you who want to take pictures, they have great lighting (which doesn't happen often, or maybe just for me, going to events with "ambient" lighting.

My only criticism is that there isn't enough protein to the carb (noodles) ratio. How about add more or have an extras option?

This place is new opening in March 2014, and hence everyone's talking about it. The name means "lucky dragon" while it's a Japanese place (food & staff? - I heard them speaking Japanese) oddly in the logo it has Chinese.

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Have you been to Fukuryu Ramen?

Blogger Ling said... on April 17, 2014 at 11:31 AM  

I did notice the protein to carbs ratio but I am a carb fiend and I prefer to load up on noodles. Just gimme the stuff.
Japanese kanji share similar 'words' with Chinese characters but I have no idea on this so don't quote me.

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