Lincraft - 50% Off Sale @ Thursday, April 03, 2014

Lincraft has a great sale on, Spotlight sometimes does 30% off. 

Was $25, Now $12.50, never knew the original-ish perler beads were to expensive!

$10 Kits

Chalk, Perler Beads (we bought) and $15 Craft Kits. Who buys $30 kits for their kids?!

 A Space Kit for le beau & Adrian.

Glitter! Poster paint, fine and super fine, and 3D. 

Glitter paper! Restrained myself and only bought one, and no not one of each. :P

So much paper... I need a stationary cupboard!

Foam, amazing price, but idk what to do with it.

The bridal department with 50% off is still expensive. Loving ebay!
I'll do a wedding stuff on ebay post soon.

Big jump rings for our playing cards project. Feathers (there wasn't much in that department), dollhouse storage and perler beads ironing paper. 

There was two rows of craft punches! Loving monograms. 

An earring holder for lily, lace for a satin skirt and overpriced velvet nklace displays. 

Lots of flowers though nothing that spoke to me, to be created into a headpiece.

Foam blocks for floral displays. DIY Wedding shopping, timing is perfect!

Home Deco Area

Not much in the DIY fasinators area. 

Oh wow I have never seen so much yarn! It was a department itself!

Jewelry boxes, perfect for the burglar... a antique thing to me, Edwardian era and before.

Gingerham for Lucy! Unfortunately fabric was sold by the meter. 


Sparkly! Though we all know shine/sparkles make that area look bigger. 

Did you pick up anything from the sale?

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