Sunday 30th March

Another long day, missed the train by 1.5mins but we still made it! Today's event is the 'Flower & Garden Show' I wanted to go in costume and have le beau take pictures, but was invited to work at the event, so we did that, and still got to enjoy the show. 

The show is huge! As well as being on both levels within the Royal Exhibition Building (REB) they've also taken over the park, with marquees and stalls. Inside is about showcasing student's work (pieces of art, very expensive art!) and sell some stuff. Outside there's food, sitting areas and lots and lots of stuff being sold, like garden outdoor living furniture, tools and stunning flowers. We came across a tulip stall that was inspiring. I want a house with a stunning garden, flowers always in bloom.

Back inside there were three shops that stood out, the first was fancy fairy lights, a cove of them! Nearby was a ceramic clay plants shop, amazing work! All handcrafted we had a hard time choosing, purple iris vs pink tulips. Le beau bought me the later, after analyzing it. :) 

There was a stunning bed of flowers, think french chic style, white with a headboard. A bed of flowers rather that roses. I wanted it when I die, but le beau reminded me that I'm not sleeping beauty, and will rot and that would be scary. Though he did say we could bury me in the soil and use me as fertilizer for the flowers that would grow on top. XD That is the creepiest thing he's ever said, I think my psycho-ness is rubbing off on him. :P 

My favourite flowers are roses, and I LOVE  David Austin's roses! Those are the ones that smell amazing! When we get our own place I want a garden of roses. These flowers don't look that great because it's day 4, last day of the show. 

For most of the day I was at our lovely stand with fake grass and a cool wooden plant stand someone actually made and holly like plants. We had rare Gallipoli Oak plants on display, which will be on sale in a couple years, being rare (Miss Polka Dots, a gardener explains that they're like a pedigree) they will be a couple hundred, even though it's small. We were always busy, gave out lots of booklets. No memberships sold, but people will visit the venues. If you joined today you don't have to pay the $35 joining fee. Making the concession yearly m'ship only $45, great offer if you like to go exploring. 

At the show I saw Miss Polka Dots, from dance, which was like seeing a teacher out of their natural habitat. XD I know you but I can't recall where from, but then I saw her name tag. She was advertising her gardening club.

Met a few people from the organization including the CEO and everyone was nice. :) One guy showed me a great app that tracks your calorie intake and outs (like walking 10mins etc) which was really helping him loose weight. A deep fried mars bar has three times the calories that if it wasn't deep fried, and smothered in chocolate.

Some car company had a cool stand, real plants, fake wallpaper-esque bricks. Oddly Jenny Craig was a big sponsor, why? No one knows. A gallery of pictue framed mirrors.   

 The Centerpiece, looks like a Christmas tree to us without the star/angel on top.

Love this dress! I do love big dresses that are expensive to dry clean :P.

These displays remind me the graveyards, the ones where people are cremated and put into bomb looking things and then buried in a small metal box, on the ground or in a vault area.

The Vase in the Wall! How do those flowers stay up there?! O.o

Grassy foam animals, more than just bunnies, they have ducks, owls, hens and others. 

 Giant Nests

The Popcorn Fairy!/Elf

This is my other two two favourite display, I'd love to have a dinner party here.  

LED Tealight Candles, for safety. :P

Floating white flowers in clear glass vases.

Isn't everything beautiful? If we end up having a small wedding we could do something like this.

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