Ballet & Butterfly Cupcakes @ Sunday, June 15, 2014

Monday 2nd June

I'm working on setting up instagram! Decided not to do twitter though.
Because it's more instant rather than a week or two behind that's where I'll be giving away tickets to events (until I can be in two places at once. :P). Hoping to post every day or two.

After three days of being out and about we spent the day at home today, organizing things, taking pictures, though the pile of freebies from the show has yet to be moved. Went dancing which was nice, winter outfits don't suit it too well. I can do the spin turn! :) 


Today we were up at 6am, for the 6.50-ish train. Off to Champagne & Cupcakes with Ballet. There was a range of fruit juices, bubbles and coffee! Also a berry and yoghurt tube, buttery butterfly cupcakes (yum!) and salmon bagels, which I passed. There was a performance by the Ballet Company, promoting their new show, Chroma. I prefer the classics, Swan Lake, the Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty - though I do love Matthew Bourne's Gothic version.

Next we went shopping, Lovisa was open early. 
An item I paid $35 for on the 10th May is now $15, that is not cool!

I heard these are amazing, and they're very long. $20 in Perth (where they come from) $30 here (postage to the store included). Is it worth it? If I can convience 3 people to split it with me then yes, but I wouldn't get it on my own.

I've always wanted to have "coffee" here, hope they do hot chocolate.


Oh look, some cool pictures drawn in chalk.

A journey to the jazz office, walked about a mile in the rain, jp gave me the long way around, when it was just 10mins away from Flinders! Pick-up the tags and shirt. Back to the apartment 10.45am, working on the blog a bit before we go to lunch and do a bit more shopping.

Sun 6am - Tues ... that glowstick activated on Sunday morning is still going! 

Lunch from Desi Dhaba (Indian) the butter chicken was a bit hot but very good (I'd get that again) while the naan was ok, leaning towards soggy but not. Used menulog and got it take-away with 15% off. :) 

Went to see Belle, which I quite liked, featuring Mrs Crawley as the spinster aunt who said people should hold their tongue - quite a contrast to her character on Downton Abbey. The adoptive mother looked familiar, a countess from Anna Karenina. From HP there was Rita Skeeter (the reporter) as Lady Ashford, the antagonist, wants her sons to marry for money, and her son Malfoy, who looks very different (the shape of his face) as the main antagonist. Rita was also the Duchess of Kent (Q Victoria's mother) in The Young Victoria, that's where I recognize her from.  

ChaTime - Coconut Milk Tea with Lychee Jelly (instead of sago) was great! 
Coconut & Lychee were made to be together. We'll be making this at home soon.


Free "lunch" at QV, more like a snack. I had the Baramundi, it was nice but lacking all the flavours it should have. Not sure if Roll'd is authentic... though their B is good. Deep fried fish is questionably authentic, as it's meant to be an emphasis on fresh herbs. 

Downstairs we had a cup of pho, once again missing the right flavours. Was a stock from Coles used? It was the soup, bland. Though it didn't have msg. Overall Roll'd is a miss for me. - Except for the B.

In the afternoon we had an event, a talk with Mary Stalling, a jazz singer and one of 11 kids. 

Discovered Safeway under QV with their in-house sushi bar!
I tried their 'Crunchy Cooked Tuna Roll' which was amazing! (Not pictured).
Note that the sushi bar is also at Southern Cross, more details coming soon.

They have lots of different dishes.

Unfortunately I had already pre-ordered dinner from Tokui, which is more traditional sushi rather than creative. But it's still great, fresh & cheap. They packs they only make 50 a day, so I pre-ordered mine right after lunch, before 3pm. Left, 2nd from the bottom is the one I had. The tofu wrapped piece and silky egg is my favourite. You can order the tofu one (not normally sold on it's own on display) if you know about it and they'll make it for you, for $1.50.  

Come night we had a meeting, still a bit scary, our first real event where I do more or not, stationary set and a little sponsorship. 


The day start with free lunch, so soup with lots of bean spouts. Didn't like it...

Moving on we had a 'Tropical Cupcake Workshop' with Astrid at 'The Cupcake Family' at QV. Working with fondant (tastes like sugar) Astrid showed us how to make a pineapple (my favourite), flip flops and a palm tree. It was fun, and the cupcakes we got to decorate was an assortment of six, they were good but nothing amazing. Slightly below par with Cupcake Central a block away, though Little Cupcakes is still the best to me - they just don't experiment with other flavours too much. 

Cupcake Family makes 200 cupcakes a day, with red velvet (chocolate cake but red) being the best seller. Not too many people want to try their green tea, so only a couple are made (literally). They also do custom cakes, refer to that palm tree and coconuts. :P

We're outside the Langham today, the main door gentleman was very friendly and great at doing high pitch whistles. We're got to see the 'Great Budapest' soon. It would be amazing to stay here, though I'd spend the whole stay inside the hotel. Prices start from $270 someone said. We'll definitely go one year for my birthday or our anniversary. 

Inside was an escalator leading up to the grand staircase. I saw a woman leave with their signature pink rose. There was also women in pink wool suits, their website tells me they're the modern butler. "... elegantly attired Langham Service Stylists. The 21st century version of a Butler, the distinctive Service Stylists – attired in Langham pink" 

Saw Josh Redman who I recognized from his picture, as he has a very unique look and looks like no one else. 


A day with le beau ending with a night of Jazz! Davi sings Sinatra! Two parts with an intermission, the later was better than the first. He sung 'Come Fly with Me' though not 'Moon River' and other songs from the Great American Songbook (20s-50s). He ended with 'New York' (encore), I forgot what the last piece was. But he finished early, walked off stage and then came back for a few more pieces. 

Le beau really enjoyed it, as he loves Sinatra. I've never been to an event staring one person before or a concert like this with 1,000 people only. The other concert we were went to see a group was ABBA.

We had dinner at 'Purple Peanuts', I had the beef and it was not nice. :( 


A slow day, leading up to another night with le beau at Hamer Hall listening to a piano xylophone duo, Chick Corea & Gary Burton. Dancing with Mozart was my favourite piece, though I was suddenly really tired and napped a bit. 

We were on the balcony, scary high! but right behind the barrier so I felt safe. The safest I've felt ever been on the balcony.

Not my picture as that was horrendous with train station lighting. We had sweet potato chips with ranch sauce, bad idea. Fried in old oil, it was very oily, partially burnt (overcooked) and just awful. I only like lord of the fries for their sauces, but their fries are just like KFC/Red Rooster but much more $$.

Do you like lord of the fries or jazz? 

Where's your favourite place for hot chips?

Also have you tried Corica's apple strudels?

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