When I first did some research on Footscary/Footscray one of the things I looked up was food, and T. Cavallaro & Sons was the highlight of this area, and over the years it certainly is for me. Other than spring rolls, there's an abundance of that in the area, and I love them so much. 

"T. Cavallaro & Sons was founded by Tommaso Cavallaro in 1956 and proudly catered for the Melbourne Olympics in the same year." "...a family business that has been around for more than 50 years and offers Melbourne’s best cannolis. - thehangrybitch. The cafe proudly represents the European migrant families who made Footscray their home in the ’40s and ’50s." - Gastrology

We got a bit lost there with the referencing, inserting one into a longer quote. Using quotes as so many reviews have been written for this amazing place that there isn't much left to say.

I've still got to try those almond crescents I said I would in August 2013. :P

I do wonder what these are, red velvet & intense pistachio cookies dipped in chocolate? 

Last Saturday, after the tour (to be posted tomorrow, as we're iffy on details/names) we went for cannolis, which I've always wanted jas to try, as I'm in the area weekdays I'm not too keen to be there weekends, after all I do live 1.5-2hrs away. Fortunately on Saturdays T.Cavallaro is open till 4pm.

The other weekday when I was here for 15mins there was about 8 customers during that time. Every single one of them ordered cannolis. It's what T.Cavallaro is known for.


T.Cavallaro has been featured in the media.

Along with homemade treats they sell candy by the 100g.

Biscotti is great for dipping into coffee or hot chocolate. 

Chewy Amaretti ($6 per 100g). Nice, but I like to buy just one of these each time. 

Initially I couldn't decide between the custard and ricotta, so we got one of each and let jas have the first pick. He picked the custard, though I got him to sample the ricotta and we decided that is the better one.

They do offer smaller one so you can try both fillings, though they're very popular and ran out today. Hoping to get those next time. As it means I can get one of each filling. Also next time we shall spent $20 and buy a couple of their treats and update this review to include cookies & co. 

A canoli filled with ricotta and small bits of almonds, or better described as "almond-flecked whipped ricotta" dusted with icing sugar (don't wear black while eating this!). 

As always service was great and the ladies and gentleman were very friendly.

If I wasn't in Footscray so often, I would say we'd visit every time we're in the area!

Have you tried Cavallaro's Famous Cannolis?

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