@ Saturday, August 20, 2011

Had a maths test on Thursday, there were no surds! Which I learnt the night before (idk why it's assumed knowledge). Someone forgot about the legal test, so I ended up doing that in the afternoon instead of morning, missed a few points but there was nothing I was 100% clueless on. The last health test didn't go so well due to lack of links to the Q and "poor wording". 2/5 done. Only health, business and english (with its 6.5 essays) to go - till this testing period is over, till another fortnight.

How do you measure stress? Idk, but I'm on exam high stress, my lips has gone schizo and I feel yucky and confidence has dropped dramatically. No details needed other than it hurts, and looks so bad (ok, I admit it's worse in my mind than the mirror) that I wore a ninja mask today, can't really speak or eat anything without a straw as well. In eng a boy points out the 40hr famine doesn't actually start till "like next week", as I wasn't speaking - it hurts to move inc smile - esp smiling.

The goal to not be a doormat is failing. Health is as usually entertaining, when everyone got their results they said another health teacher had it in for them, I think I know her, spoke to her once, she wears nice perfume. It was hilarious, with everyone on a rant about her, me watching them and mr health trying to be nice and tell them not to talk about her like that (or at least not in his presence). Pretty sure she's nothing, I've had a teacher in the past who was anti-aboriginal. Back to the goal, a girl (who we shall call Natalie, because she is very blonde like my friend Natalie) and her friend asked to borrow a pen in eng, well the friend did (umm... aren't you meant to ask to borrow things from YOUR friends?), I hesitated, and in writing it was too much effort to write no and then why, and in the end wrote "What colour?". That was the 1st part. Part 2, in health Natalie asked mr health to borrow his book, of course he says yes - but points out that he has learnt x2 books and not gotten them back (and isn't on a rampage to get them back) in a not totally annoyed way, and suggests that she asks me. Thanks. That kinda makes things harder - though I do have a question. Why did he say to ask me? And why didn't she ask her friends? Btw I believe Natalie is one of the main people who use me as a doormat, though she returns everything, but I just don't like her character or attitude e.g. throwing my book.

In other news, I received a long black satin skirt I ordered ^^, it's too long but I'm not allowed to have anything that doesn't go under my knees (shortest thing I have is a tennis dress - only because it was compulsory in college). Sadly due to conditioning I find it very difficult to wear anything above knee length. If you took a picture of what I wore everyday you'd say I'm Jewish. An interesting article.

An amazing hat I'd love to recreate.

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