@ Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In conflict we're watching 'Paradise Roads', and as a result I will be sleeping with the lights on tonight (not that I don't always XD). DON'T watch it! That or get someone who has seen it to tell you when a scary part is about to be on. Also don't google the real event, I did and spent an hr reading about it instead of legal notes.  Bad things happen, people die all the time, pretend you don't know, all is well. Till someone has the nerve to comment on it - in a mean way. 

I love those group buy sites ^^, though they rarely have anything good. I've once bought a $13 for $30 gift voucher to a chocolate cafe, it was nice :) we went there was jas's b'day. This time I bought x2 $9 for a $20-ish meal, 13" pizza (16 topping to choose from, though I always get BBQ Chicken at this place), a regular serving of "poutine" - basket of hot fries smothered in melted cheese and gravy, and a can of soda. This place makes amazing NY style pizzas, sadly it's in the city and only open for dinner usually like all gourmet pizza parlours.

There's a new show, Four Weddings, and it's trashy but funny. It's basically 4 brides go to each other's wedding bitch and rate. Best wedding couple gets a honeymoon. It's great for ideas for your wedding. I love how everyone has a theme. Tonight there was failed masquerade (in a barn, seriously?), frangarpani, and mission impossible, where the boys arrive by helicopter.

At first when I heard masquerade it was it :), but then the only masquerade part was that the guests had to wear masks :( and it was more a cabaret. I think I want a masquerade for our wedding, with the reception in a nice garden pagoda with lunch in the gardens of a mansion, or at church for the ceremony then gardens for lunch. Or we could do a dinner party thing, like most people, and have a masked ball with fancy dresses, a string quartet or orchestra. No buffets, other than perhaps a candy one.

There will be chandeliers, candles, dancing (strictly ballroom), glitter, and pretty things.

A Proposed Table Deco Idea

My Bouquet

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