On my last blog I recently within the past week or so posted a certain post (which is now being removed) which was fueled by anger (and now hatred) in that post I named three people who had done me wrong, one was a girl "borrowed" my pens, never returned them and denied any knowledge of it - I'm no doormat. I posted her full name and a picture (I admit that breached my rule - of never naming someone in a way that they're identifiable) by the way, it was a good picture - not a skanky one. Someone from my art school found the direct link to my website (I left my coat in the room while I went downstairs to talk to someone, and in that coat there were business cards with my contact details and website, in a card holder) and from there it got out of hand. Going viral by perhaps fb. As a request I have deactivated my fb account - honestly after grad I wasn't going to talk to most if not all of them again anyway. :P

My statistics tell me it started yesterday night (tues). Today there was 226 (make that 224, I did check it out twice) views from one IP - the college's. Yesterday (last night) there were 396 (395, minus one for me) views and 39 IP hosts. Never has my site received this much publicity.

Everyone (I hope) know the golden rule of "If you wouldn't say it, don't post it."

It all started in maths class, part 2 (if we fast forwards to today), when a girl says (something along the lines of) "Don't post sh*t about my friends. She returned your pens two weeks ago." Initially I was confused, I thought she was talking about the guy who borrowed my black textar (and returned it, that's who I went downstairs to see the day before). I just ignored her, as I was confused, why was he a she? O.o 

We had a major health test, which I lost at least 5/30 marks for a mistake, I got confused and thought it was referring to something else... If it was a direct question. What is x or y? Then I would have gotten it. Very disappointed in myself. Ms hoh (not her name) came for me, but I was doing a test, so she left a message to see her after class. At the end of class Mr Health (who I've also been on trouble for writing about, despite the fact that I rarely give names, and I never said anything mean about him - he's nice, and that's not his name btw) concerningly gave me the message. And I assume it was connected to what we shall address as the "pen issue".

The original post, slightly modified: It was part of a post on why people drive me crazy.

Do NOT ask to "borrow" my stuff if...
a. you're not going to return it

e.g. An unnamed girl "borrowed" my pens, note: my discontinued, unbuyable pens. - not an issue if she had returned them - Uses them up and throws them out. When questioned about it "I don't know what you're talking about." Legit? No. If she really has no idea what I'm on about then why does she death glare me everytime we cross? Think about it. 
Everyones know when you get called to the office you're in trouble. Something I'm quite good at - I don't go looking for it, it finds me - or started it. They went through a lecture on policies. Their argument: it's against the rules, cyber bullying. The defense: bullying means more than once, and what happens to freedom of speech - I have the constitutional right to speak my mind. Apparently within a college, when you enroll it appears you have agreed to give up most some of your rights. So yes I am guilty, according to the college, but to morals no - other than going a bit overboard with full name and picture, suppose I might have as well added a contact number. For next time, I'll place a hit on her we shall stick to initials or first names only. As a result they have demanded I remove my blog, or will contact wordpress and have my IP blocked, and further threaten me. She (pen girl) started it, I went a bit far, and then the college stuck a dynamite in it and blew it up.

I am not deleting my blog, and have agreed to remove/edit the offending post. I will not apologize, I apologize for not being aware of rules, and the picture and last name (that was taking it a bit far I suppose) but I do not regret saying what I had to say. They say it's defamation, I'd like to take it to court, for it is not defamation, it is the truth. They refuse to talk about policies out of the college handbook, and claims it is defamation - it is not! This is injustice! Perhaps it's borderline bullying, but it is not defamation. The only reason they are claiming defamation is that ms hoh did try to solve the matter by asking the girl about it, but that was as far as she could - she did try to help, though ultimately failed.

It appears they have conditions for me to keep the blog - which they do not own, but I doubt we can create an agreement. The condition is two things:
1. No blogging about college, e.g. how was my day, who I interacted with, people - even with false names e.g. ms hoh
2. If anyone asks about the pen issue you are to reply "no comment". Btw I do believe that ms hoh is a qualified lawyer.

No. I do not agree. This is dictatorship. I spend 12hrs at college every day, and it's where the drama happens. And has anyone noticed guilty people say "no comment" as advised by their lawyer? As I once read "An innocent prisoner will become more angry by the hour due to the injustice suffered. He will shout and rage. A guilty prisoner becomes more calm and quiet... He knows he's there for a reason."

If you have a problem with me, tell me. As all thing such as rumours and things with the reaction "gasp. shock. horror." or as I like to call it something from Desperate Housewives, it spreads like a wild fire. So one person found the address and naturally everyone, and I do mean everyone, no exaggeration here, knows. So now I'm "that girl" or a better way of putting it a "gossiping liar", yes of course I pick random people and create defamatory stories about because I'm jealous of their looks - mother I'm looking at you.

In business class the teacher was away, and so everyone started pestering me for details - you do know that it was on my blog at the time, and we were in a computer lab right? It appears everyone's heard about it, but not everyone's seen it. And IT's not smart enough to block it. I am between "no comment" which I'm told to say, but to me it's like getting on the table and proclaiming I'm a gossiping liar and I feed on drama. As A says "If everyone didn't hate you before, they do now". We're both guilty of different things.

And all this was going on I was accused of saying mean things about a girl, K, who I don't even know! Edit: Afterwards I found out I did know her, another K, she's that nice girl a year below me in my law class. Apparently "managment" got it mixed up, it was part of another name (and spelt different) - not a student, that person owes me a whiteboard marker and stapler, and I will be in contact with her, eventually. I have nothing against K from law, she seems nice and I don't think I've ever spoken to her.

Spoke to J & Ad about the matter, and J says the entire thing is wrong. It's blown out of proportion. I think it could have easier have been resolved, but now it appears to be too late - which J is trying to assist with, stepping in as a 3rd party and perhaps conciliator. I think the issue can be solved by me removing the offending post and only refer to pen girl as, well pen girl? And her giving me back the pens, or at the very least (as they are no longer produced) finding a place that sells them then paying for the postage (around $6-7). The matter is of at the moment to be further discussed, the consequences other then those mentioned are to a degree unknown, but I expect to suspended for a week or so.

On top of the stressors of the pen issue and health test, there's a bunch of other tests coming up within the next couple of weeks, essays due regularly and I'm physically sick (when I get very stressed my skin goes crazy) and now distracted from my work. I have done no work today, and the goal was one english essay and at least one dot point of legal notes. Still feeling sick cause I haven't eaten all day (except for the yogurt before/during the health test) and not feeling well enough to eat for the rest of the day. I also can't sleep and can feel my heart beating - which isn't normal.

That and at the end of the day, a few minutes after the bell the fire alarm went off. 60 seconds to evacuate. 60 seconds to pack your bags and run. I've never seen the ground empty so fast (those who were rounded up weren't so lucky) it was like "rats scattering", I swear it was a drill. But it wasn't there was smoke in the boys' dorms, and I'm guessing a small controllable fire? We shall find out tomorrow. With all the panic after the bell I missed the bus, and the next two buses didn't come either. This was staged - that or it's the paranoia talking.

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