@ Saturday, August 06, 2011

Went to the doc and he prescribed: intense exercise... Had a blood test - it hurt! Testing for allergy I think. Went to college, it took almost 2hrs to get there, after the tram was delayed by some moron who appeared to have fallen asleep at the wheel, resulting in being 2mins late - and missing the bus. It takes a train, tram and bus to get to college on weekends. Wrote an essay on +ve & -ve of blogging. Something glitched and it printed 11 times. Got 8 +ves (pro-social, community/follower support, unbottling issues and discussion them) and about 6 -ves (mainly lifestyle related things with a splash of stalkers on the side).

The next bus was an hr away so I took the train. Went near a police station, and stopped by to check the laws on theft. Conclusion: If the college doesn't question the girls, we will. But other than that no proof/witness = no case. While I was there, there was a girl reporting a death O.O she had found a guy in the bathroom - dead - with a needle in his arm (drugs). Took a tram, it went to the end stop like the other day, by the beach. From there I wait about an hr for the bus and got home at 7.15pm.

I have a confession to make. I couldn't resist, and there was no subway in sight so ... I bought the chicken and chips meal from McD :(. I love their fries ^^, got the small size (which I heard they're going to make half the size, as a compromise for using healthy-ish oil). Last year (the last time I ate McD) I ate two large fries... It was either eat it or throw it out - and there weren't any of those cute McD chip eating birds around. Needless to say I felt sick after that. The chicken burger was ok, nothing I'd buy again though. I do love the Fillet-O-Fish though ^^. With the chips I recall mr bio '10 saying he was surprised it didn't come out the other end just like when you bought it - we watched a video on a guy experimenting, seeing how long it takes to mould (McD) compared to a fish/chip shop the "normal" burger.

It looks like there's a genius who has conducted a study on McD fries,
and shares a very complex recipe.

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