30 Days of Fashion & Beauty @ Friday, September 16, 2011

As a part of the '30 Days of Fashion & Beauty' Yearly Event, we went to an event XD. They're hosted by fashion magazines and had some demonstrations of incorporating catwalk/editorial into every day, did your make-up, give advice and things like that and gave away magazines. I was reading an article by Genelle, a 7/11 survivor who was trapped from 23hr under rubble, and on top of a fireman (he died) who was trying to help everyone. :( And I got that chill that you get when you feel freaked out.
I was very tempted to get my face done, but didn't cause I'm allergic to the unknown (possibly) and I was in uniform (private colleges have uniforms, and according to the rules if you get caught e.g. someone took a picture, doing something wrong e.g. wearing MU, in uniform you'll be in detention.) The best part of the event was gift bags or as everyone else calls them "goodie bags". I LOVE these bags ^^, and have gotten one a few years ago when I went to a premier of 'The Devil Wears Prada' (I'm not counting the bags you get with magazines sometimes and the ones you get from career expos).

A lot of events for the first 50 that show up (with registration) received these bags. Next year I do plan on going to more of them ^^. Here are a couple of what other people received. Pandora was a sponsor of the events and donated things, there was an event where girls got rings, and one in the picture, of something unknown - but nevertheless Pandora! 

1. Sophia from Everyday Like This
2. The Concealer
3. Elisa from Elisa Bianchini
3. Lovely Lighting, (ignore the glare from light).

Mine - I can't seem to achieve the same effect as above :(
Though I did get more stuff ^^.

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