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Case Study: Rose. To me Rose is a strong character alone or within her group, but when she's in the social world she's quite a weak character, a bit of a doormat. But she is working on it. E.g. the model (he's tall O.O 195cm) from health after seeing her notes (people hang around the printer, in prac exam mode) asks for a copy. He could have taken them, but didn't, because he was the only other person in the room taking that class, hence it would be obvious - that or he's just not like that, it's unknown. A (a reliable source) says he's in the popular group, and hence does not talk to lower life forms. He seems nice, but not genuine.

This is a classic example that [most] people only talk to her when they want something from her. But seriously?! It's not right to ask someone for a copy of their notes (except the teacher), and maybe the exception of your friends. Friends trade (e.g. A), best friends might let you have it for free (e.g. Lucy, though she probably already ate it XD). Random person in your class response: they'd probably say no or "go jump in a lake". In my head I would say "Seriously?" and walk off. And in my head a rant starts, what makes you think that I'd give them to you? Do your own work. 

So what did Rose do? Being Rose and attempting to be nice, she oddly proposes a trade, but then realizing that she's actually done the work hence needs nothing from others cancels that, and says she's consult mr health on whether she should give him the notes or not. He says mr health will say no. Rosie says she'll see. She leaves the stage. Comes back a few minutes later. [The audience knows that she did not go see mr health.] And says mr health says all the info is in the two books, but didn't actually say yes/no. Though no is implied.     

Rose Silverstein

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