10+ Things I Hate about this New Blog[ger] @ Saturday, October 29, 2011

10+ Things I Hate about this New Blog[ger]

1. Part of posts glitching and disappearing after saving draft and checking back.
2. A couple of my first posts don't appear on reader view
3. How do you set the default f_o_n_t? When you paste stuff the font goes to default, and after inserting pictures the f_o_n_t also goes back to default.
4. Alignment issues - it's hard to get it to change what you want.
5. I can't type the word f_o_n_t without html going wacko
6. In reader view bits and pieces of the blog are in default font. I hate TNR!
7. When you post, the time stamp is of when you posted it, not when you started typing it (unlike my beloved old blog).
8. After posting a picture, the f_o_n_t goes back to default.
9. Don't bother going back to edit posts, if adding pictures. Even with drafts, after you save with edits it goes wacko and out of order and changes font.
10. Spell check. It tells you part of words are wrong, becaues it doesn't see the first few letters!
11. Double spacing. Not shown when you're in edit mode, nor can you edit it later. Only seen in reader mode.
12. When you past text, it goes back to default.

The old blogger was easier to use!

I can't even post the stuff above cause of the word "eff o n t".

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