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Why you should actually go through the titles/senders of your junk/spam mail: for unknown reasons somethings emails from the gov go to spam instead of inbox. I found out I won double passes to two shows in my spam box O.O :). It's from a gov dep hence legit though. Also please do check what you're sending and to whom. Accidentally sent the wrong message to the wrong person (two emails open at the same time, working on replies). Tickets to a one woman comedy show - which looks great, more details after the show. And another double pass to a women's circus, sadly I don't feel safe going there. Google says up to 5yrs ago it wasn't safe (that town), and we did a case study in law about it, and how there were many stabbings (guns are hard to get here) at the station. Someone on a forum said it's not somewhere you go out at night, not safe... There's lots of public housing in the area, and an average low SES. Anyway, this (ignoring the stuff about the area) is an example of how you do win sometimes when you enter competitions, to all those who say "I never win", it's better to have a chance than none.

Had my last law test today! :) So glad it's over, only got the exams left. I discovered it is possible to fit a chapter onto half a A4 page O.O write small, leave no spaces (lines, not btw words) and use colour for headings and sub-headings. There are people hanging around college, though they're semi-closed this week. Mail ^^. Package from Singapore. A mask was inside :), but it was broken :(, but still can be used, in an art project.

Grad Breakfast. Nominated themes: 90s & Rubik Cube. I didn't suggest that... What is 90s fashion? O.O All that's coming up is the tv show 'Friends'. Wiki says:
anti-fashion, "anything goes" clothing approach which continues throughout the 2000s and 2010s. Most of the fashion trends of the 1990s were based around the Casual style, such as blue jeans and the T-shirt
O.O... It ended up being the voted theme. Cause the Rubik involved exchanging clothing to be a solid Rubik colour (note: low chances of getting your clothes back) XD, plus isn't that a tad but invasive? Though with the Rubik idea I could have gotten an amazing handbag (for the theme).

 I love my idea, I do love all things dress-up. 50s (think Hairspray), or even better 20s/30s, with Underbelly Razor being recently (in mths) released, that would be mafia. That would have been amazing... I'd love to have a mafia dinner party - all the neighbours would go O.O XD.

Looking forwards to the end of exams, not so much the result, but the summer - or rather what I'm doing during the 2.5mth break. Others are going traveling, holidays with friends (I still do question who is paying for it, since most of us don't work), or moving interstate/overseas for their next step in life. Meanwhile I'll be taking up classes, and doing things I've always wanted to do. Like going to the beach at the end of the road (the college is on a long road, and at the end is a theme park and beach).
At the moment signing up for...
  • finishing school (2 week full time)
  • ballroom, on Sunday afternoons  
  • volunteering gift wrapping for charity
  • volunteering at the Oxfam shop

Glee is back ^^, and great as always. My favourites piece from this week was Hairspray's You Can't Stop the beat, I can't sing it though, because it's too fast for me - much like the song we're singing at the wedding... The glee version has a slight alteration on the words and starts off - musical term fail moment - slowly then gets upbeat. Musical Version - Hairspray & Glee Version.

The other piece I loved was Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do, starting Lindsay the a winner of that show recruiting new glee kids. Anything Goes is a great song, it from Cole Porter's musically 'Anything Goes', set in the 20s/30s I think. Saw it a few years ago, and J was on it. They also used the melody for a chocolate ad in 2005. Great concept. It's a Broadway shot with the main guy in a Cadbury purple suit. The lyrics include:
a picnic for rick,
a flake for jake
and a dream for jean
and everyone knows,
anything goes
with cadbury favourites 

It's not on youtube :(, probs due to copyright. But here's a media student's analysis of it.  

Love the choreography in the middle. ^^

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