Day 4 - Wardrobe & Job Interviews @ Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 4 - Wardrobe & Job Interviews

- types of dress e.g. casual, white/black tie, meh.
- body shapes + what to wear/not wear
- site for inspiration e.g. lookbook
- where to shop (mainly overpriced places + a few 2nd hand shops)
- list of essentials (prac)

Disappointing. All the stuff we did (minus the inspiration) bit I can get online. What would have been better would be to identify colours that suit each person, and then create outfits (through catalogues, websites, or even better would be to have a day on it, and have a shopping excursion).

A traveling wardrobe - pre-vacuum bag.

Lunch was a bit more fascinating, with a protest/petition going on outside. Health care workers want more funding, especially the country people - who came from the country to the city just for this. They decided to make a stage and do that thing protesters do in the streets (preventing trams from going there), then they marched to Parliament. I got a good spot to watch it from, behind me where photographers (with DSLRs) and next to me was a cop. Some of the protest people were asking for donations, and he donated. There were around 10 cops, and the media (though I didn't see any) and a few helicopters flying/hovering above.

Job Interviews
- what to wear/not to wear
- how to make a very comprehensive resume
- questions, recommended to make a notebook of Qs&As

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