Secret Santas @ Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Secret Santa. I love (well actually that depends...) secret santas, and would really (yes I know I'm not meant to use that, as it's a useless powerless filler sort of word) like to organize one, I like to organize things (future wedding planner) and haven't used excel for years. Secret Santa, involves everyone who signed up putting name in a hat, and then everyone picks a name (random selection) so that everyone has a name of another person, the person they will be gifting. Before that everyone gets a brief of how it works, including the budget (my fav is $5/$10, but worth more than that). A deadline is set, and on a date everyone sends the gift.

The last time we did SS was in middle school, I have no idea who I got or what I got them; but I recall Sarah (a nice girl, who went to the same college as me) got me a bracelet and white reindeer plushie, which I named Rudo - don't ask, I was eleven. I find that when a girl gets you, you're more likely to like what you get; as they're more creative (I think) and better as displaying things :P The worst SS I've ever received was a chalk board O.o, though that was in the 2nd grade and the budget was like $2, and we all shopped at the $2 Shop. My SS completely forgot about it and I got it a week after everyone else, that was not cool (I was 6 at the time). Though that girl, Emily didn't turn out so well in the end I heard, she ended up at community college and is a slut/skank. Anyway...

My SS received (picked up) her package today ^^, sent on Monday, arrived on Tuesday (night?). I think she liked the card more than the gift O.O, that or being a girl you always talk about the card, as oppose to a guy, who's like "What card? ... Oh, that card, yes of course I liked it." XD. My blog is not googleable, even if you have the right prompts due to the "pen issue" drama of the yr. This is probably the first thing I've written weeks that didn't run through autospell check XD.

"I received a lovely cookbook - Tom Aikens Easy - it has such pretty pictures in it. And I also received a gunmetal silver necklace. The most beautiful part of the gift I thought were the words in the card - telling me the gunmetal silver is like chainmail that knights of Camelot wore - it represents my inner strength. My KK didn't reveal who they were though - would love to know :)" - My SS (who is a great writer)

I haven't received my SS yet, but am currently stalking the mailman :P Though I do know it's better to forget about it and have it as a surprise... like my subject results on Friday (though I pretty happy never finding out how I went).

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