Organization - Brooches v.2 @ Friday, January 06, 2012

Organization Series - Brooches v.2

I've come with another, a better idea one how to display/organize your brooches, and it turns out to be much much easier, with no sewing or drilling involved! You don't need a glue gun either. I wanted to be more decorative idea, so I played with the idea of the frame, being an empty picture frame, then I did some sketches and came up with this:

That's the idea. A wooden embroidery hoop, with fabric in it. You then stick your brooches in it. I'm going to make three, and arrange them on the wall. Also if you're concerned about the brooch colours being exposed to air and going funny, that doesn't happen for sometime (say 10yrs of exposure - tested).

Depending on what size you want your circles, you can get them small or up to 40cm in diameter (distance across the circle).  We decided to get 20cm ones, they're $2.70 each from Riot Art (the place to work, while in college). Google found us instructions on how to stick the fabric the frame, by Jana.

- felt, a square, 2 inches bigger than the circle (e.g. 20cm circle = 30cm square felt)
- wooden embroidery hoop (you won't be using this one again)
- fabric scissors

1. Place fabric over hoop (the smaller one), stretch it.
2. Stick smaller hoop in bigger one, screw tight.
3. Trim fabric. So you end up with this.

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