Organization - Brooches @ Monday, January 02, 2012

Organization Series - Brooches v.1

With the new project of the new corporate uniform comes brooches, perfect for adding a sparkle in blazer, the brooch of course will be confiscated by security as soon as I enter the lobby, and the metal detectors go off. At first thought I have no idea how to store brooches... I suppose you stick them somewhere?

Relevance? It's made of brooches!

Google comes up with a few ideas.
a. A hanging strip of material similar to the hairclips one
b. Using what looks like an old handbag - love, but it's not practical
c. A picture frame - any ideas how to get the brooch off it?
d. And using a boltster pillow - once again not practical

Ebay doesn't help much either. Taking a DIY approach we go to etsy, a homemade craft community - like ebay without the bidding. Not much came up that was helpful, but at long last we find inspiration! It reminds me of those bamboo mats used in sushi making, or those parchment scrolls messengers went around with, and had messages from someone royal.

We couldn't find any pictures of what we were talking about, so here's a picture made on paint :P.

a. base material
b. sides overlocked, to prevent fray
c. the ends, weighted
d. ribbon, tied to both ends

You'll need:
- fabric, I'm going to use black velvet
- thin ribbon
- a sewing machine 
- x2 wooden dowel (like bamboo sticks, but bigger)
- a drill, with a fine end

1. Cut your material to size e.g. 30cm x 20cm, leave an inch on each end (top/bottom) and 1.5cm on the sides
2. Overlock all four sides
3. Place a wooden dowel, cut to size (e.g. 25cm); 2cm from top/bottom end of the material, then sew it so that the dowel is inside the material,
4. Repeat step 3 with the other end, so that it looks like a scroll.
5. Drill two holes, at either ends of ONE dowel (this will be the top), and attach thin ribbon.

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