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Sometimes things that are simple can be amazing, by using basics and pieces that everyone has you can easily create what magazines call "simple, chic and elegant" I don't like that word, chic, or fashion magazines. As the purpose of magazines other than the glaring obvious of making money and selling stuff you don't need, is to create low self-esteem and self-image, and then using that as a starting point they insert celebs (another thing I don't care about) wearing a certain item and attempt to persuade you, the reader that if you buy that certain thing you'll look like them. Instead of going to the trend, I'm not one of them, my style is whatever I choose, some people are romantics, dramatics, go for a natural look, creative, city chic, etc. But my style can't be categorized, it's simple me, and it's fab (fabulous is pretty to the power of ten, and more).

In the business world, in a uniform of neutrals, doesn't mean you can't be fab, it's all about the little things, like scarves, brooches and jewellery that brighten (not always literally) up an outfit and adds glam to your day, along with a your favourite day-time perfume (my fav is Beyonce's Heat at the moment, soon to be MJ's Daisy) to give you a confidence boost.

One of the best films for fabulous work wardrobe inspiration is the Devil wears Prada (the film is way better than the book, in the film she follows her conscience and heart, whilst in the book she just quits - end of story). In the film, Anne Hathaway, as Andy undergoes a transformation with the help of her friend Nigel, from nerdy college girl (though not completely Ugly Betty) to city chic, glamazon.

My favourite outfit Andy (Anne Hathaway) wears is a very simple and easy to achieve look, a white shirt (not blouse), black jumper and skirt, topped off with a classic pearl necklace. Here's a front view (low quality img), and a side view (as above, but bigger). Alternatively instead of the white shirt, black sweater you could get a mock one, where it looks like there's a shirt under a jumper, but really it's just collar and cuffs like this, or a short sleeve version.


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