*Missing* files @ Thursday, February 16, 2012

We received a call the other day (the call that made us late for the movie) to come to the (past) college, no reason stated - ms dh's assistant who made the appointment didn't know. Since then I've been freaking out what it could be about, thinking it was something big. One of the eng lectures there knows me outside college, she knows things she wished she didn't. And I thought it was that, that or they were going to tell me to stop talking to mr health - even though I don't talk to him off campus or via email (that's suicidal, they're watching). We called ms hoh to ask her if she knew what it was about, she didn't; so it meant whatever it was, she wasn't the one who told on me.

I felt sick all the way there, and was tempted not to get off the bus. I wasn't in trouble... They had called me for me to see "all" the info they had on me, there's an act (law) that says once you leave an organization you have the right to see what they got on you (though not get a copy of it?). My folder had the normal paperwork, and that's all. Just forms, detention dates, reports, medical reasons. No notes on me made by teachers, or anything.

They didn't have what I was after - the notes of the pen issue case (see archive, my first few posts). None at all, other than that one page with attended detention dates. Which didn't state a reason either. I am aware that they made lots of notes on it, and had me watched from Aug till I left in Nov. There was notes on notepads, and incident reports - I know, I've gotten glimpses of them before - they exist. But they say they know nothing of it. One, ms dh, the one in charge of the info, saw the notes/or knew they existed. I would have pointed that out, but ms hoh was there, and she made the majority of the notes, and after making an extra effort to be nice to her (she was doing the same, after the way she treated me under investigation - guilt?),  I'm trying not to make her go nuts again. She is actually a nice person - as long as you don't get on her bad side.

When they said they had the files I thought they meant audio/video recordings, transcripts, computer (tracking) records of my account and the two people I ever talked to. Instead they had nothing - or nothing they would acknowledge existed. So where are these files exactly? We've come to the conclusion of...
a. they were burned
b. shredded (cross/micro shredder)
c. they're in that secret location storage place (under a forest in Gippsland) like Fort Knox?

We'll be back another day, hoping to get ms dh alone, though I don't know if she can be trusted though, as often after I leave she stays with ms hoh to talk about whatever it was we were talking about, and perhaps they believe what I said or not. 

Unfortunately I didn't see someone I was hoping to see while at college :(,  but that's ok, he'll know I was there ;). I think I may him seen him on the field. I love message puzzles, the ones that don't make sense to anyone but the people involved/it was intended for.  e.g. using certain spelling/grammar that one person knows the other uses. ;)

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