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A lesson (for some) and reminder (for me) that just because there's no one around doesn't mean you can lick your finger (when you've gotten ice cream/food on it). I was eating ice cream, espresso ice cream, it was brown. As I was putting the tub away I noticed some "ice cream" on my finger, with no one around I licked it. Wrong move.

The next hour was spent in the bathroom, throwing up, brushing my teeth x3 (min) and washing my tongue with toothpaste, at least 20Ls of water and Listerine. That was not espresso ice cream I had consumed. I believe what I ate was sh*t, it was either in the tub (unlikely) or on the freezer door. The freezer being a public place, meant it is not sanitized and clean, and I happen to know and feel absolutely disgusted that some people don't wash their hands after going to the toilet. Never again will I lick my finger/s, even if I have whipped cream on it.

After breakfast, we went to the old college (which I miss very much, despite what happened there) and on the way stopped at a place I've been going past daily, but have never actually stopped and checked it out. A dumpling place. Located in the last town we past before getting to college; and hence I cannot name the place (message me or leave a message and your email in the cbox if you want the name of the place), for security and privacy.

As I walked though the door I was asked "how many?" and observed the place was mainly filled with singles (table for one, partner busy/working) at around twelve, and too early for lunch, for most. Like most asian eateries, deco was minimal and red, a few pictures, firecrackers. Like the deco the tables and chairs were minimal, wooden, not designed for comfort exactly. Though if you have a party of four or more you get the cooler asian looking tables.

This place being known for it's dumpling, the obvious choice. Standard asian rice/noodle dishes were also offered. For drinks there was no menu, instead there was a fridge, w/o price tags. Finding boiled dumplings boring, lacking in flavour (with the exception of won ton noodle soup) we ordered Fried Chicken and Prawn Dumplings (10 pieces for $8.30), a very good price for what they were. Lovely. A little oily, but then what did you expect? They were fried in oil after all. It was hot! I think I burnt my tongue with the first bite. I enjoyed them very much, though they were listed under snacks, it was a meal for me. We shall return for more on our next trip to college. :)  The waitress said I had a "beautiful look" ^^, the outfit I believe she was commenting on.

After lunch I went wandering and found a candy store ^^, where they had bags of Toblerone 2 for $5. And as a result almost missed the bus! The phone was partly to blame. Fortunately the light was red, and a 200m dash, and I made it. :) If I missed it I would have missed seeing everyone at college. :(

Signed in for visitors pass at the office. The careers lady was out, I was sent to see her, as the sole purpose of the trip I'm told, but I was more looking forwards to seeing two other people. I went to find ms hoh, but she moved... downstairs to the room opposite mr health and next to mr bm O.o. From the room opposite in the hallway you can hear everything in the room opposite (we may have a grammar issue there). Which means more notes will be passed around :P, we used to type on the computer too, until I was told every move I take and every letter is being watched. Mr no you can't wear a black scarf, take it off, walked past and said "Hi Charlotte", me: O.o How is it that everyone knows my name?! -the pen issue made me famous-

When is it ok to eat with your hands? hmm... Do you mean, what foods are socially acceptable to be eaten using your hands? That would be bread, pizza, chips (of any sort), McD, burgers/hot dogs, candy and Indian food (except curry). What about chicken? Drumsticks? umm... I suppose so. What about a whole chicken, the one you get from the deli? Can you stick your hands in that? No, absolutely not! And I'm pretty sure sitting at a desk in front of your computer you haven't a. washed your hands b. not touched other stuff if you did wash your hands, between washing and eating. The deli sells a plastic cutlery set (spoon, fork, knife) for 30c by the way (tempted to send one, except that postage for any package is $5 min).  

You're not an animal or someone who comes from a 3rd world country, use a fork! I'm told that I am a hygiene freak, but still, it's not ok to eat a chicken with your hands! Even if there is no one around. Was tempted to ask if it was a turducken because that sounds funny XD but didn't. It's a chicken jammed inside a duck, stuffed inside a turkey btw. Pure protein with a side of fat.

Mr h is officially human, he eats O.o they don't normally eat, or if they do they don't talk about it XD. Something wonderful about him is that he's one of those rare people who when they ask how you are, they actually want to know, rather than as a rhetorical question, meaning a. don't care what the answer is b. already know.
We talked about events, and how I'm completely doomed if I meet and compete against a female version of him (him being that guy everyone likes), which I'm told (by someone else) that she does exist. His reaction was hilarious, he kinda freaked, O.o now that I think of it, does that mean that his wife is a wedding planner? Will ask next time, maybe.

The timing was just right, I'm so glad I remembered and made the spray as I was leaving, almost forgot it. Our strongest memory sense links are audio and scent, and so it's normal that we link specific scents to specific people. The one I made the spray for, is grilled cheese (according to him) or McD (according to me). It's probably not exactly a compliment that someone thinks of you because in a strange way you remind them of fast and fat take away XD. Hence the cranberry room spray (perfect to get rid of the chicken smell after lunch). They're so very nice, the scent, the berry I don't actually like though.

The perfume thing (we once noticed he wore a familiar (but not one of mine) perfume but never asked what it was) that went to the pile of life's unanswered questions was solved. It was not D&G Light Blue, I only thought that because it's similar (not at all really) and the bottle was on my desk (though not one of my perfumes). D&G Light Blue is wonderful, but not for me, I rather smell it on someone else.
I asked, it didn't get as awks as I thought it would (esp cause ms hoh could hear everything), am I the first to ask? he doesn't comment on that one, eek. I'm just so very curious, but I'm not going to buy it or anything XD. I didn't give the date of when he wore it, but surprisingly he knew which one it was (as oppose to me, when did I wear it? *checks diary* what was the weather like? what was I wearing? Qs that influence my perfume choice for the day).
It was L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme (1994), never heard of it. Afterwards I went to Sephora to check it out, and it smells nothing like light blue, this one, smells not of flowers or candy, but like most perfumes for guys, it smells manly, and I'm not into that. Though it is better than lynx tropical fruit punch pineapple. It smells amazing on him, but not the bottle, maybe it's body chem.?  P.S. I gave him 5 xmas puddings last yr, 5 for a reason :P, it turns out that he decided not to give them to his kids XD. Initially I was going to give him one, but then mr tutor asked for more than one for his kids, so I thought that mr h would like more than one too.  

Next I went to see mr bm. We made lots of notes last year, but I wasn't 120% that I gave him a copy. It turned out that I didn't, as it was my last exam and I started modeling acad. the week after (it was a Friday). I'm not one that gets hints :P and so I completely missed his hint that he would like a copy of the notes, by suggesting I give the health notes to mr health (who said he wanted it, he probably does know that I don't understand hints XD). He's got the notes now :) and still hasn't finished his massive box of candy I got him last yr. Odd thing, both mr h and bm saw the candy my bag, but mr h didn't say anything (probs cause of that one time I heard him say diet when he didn't XD), and mr bm did the "Should you be eating that?" look. My teeth and killing me, the entire side, up and down hurts when I eat sugar. :( 

I'm out of books to read :(. And I didn't have my goodreads list with me. After visiting college we went to a bookshop and spent the next four hours there. How bookshops work for me: check out half the store, grab 12-ish books, read first few pgs/up to a chapter to determine yes/no/maybe. After four hours I bought a book, Disney Princess calender and a visitors book (for the phone/lobby). Had a fun but exhausting day.

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