Girl meets boy. Boy says he's married.
A chapter on discussing affairs.
They hook up.
Girl's sister's husband has an affair. But she's ok with her sister being "the other woman". 
Sister attempts to kill herself.
The wife knows he is cheating, but is totally cool with it - they're more like business partners.
Boy buys girl an apartment (he's a millionaire).
Girl gets promoted at work to the top level.
Girl gets pregs. She has a baby.
Boy now lives with girl, he can't stand the way she is with baby, the focus is baby not him.
He moves back in with his wife.
She is once again the mistress, alone with baby - other than the frequent visits from the boy. 

Plot fail much? What was the point of this book? Just a actor turned author. Her life & career is flawless, though she spends most of her time with the boy. And the book is all about the boy. She also manages to talk to the taxi driver from her basement apartment, and of course we need to know all the details of her life, from what her front door looks like to her outfits, and where she bought them. And then there's one of her friends, who calls everyone "Darling" but dragged out.

How big is McCutcheon's ego? The front cover should tell you this. When I first glimpsed at the book, I thought the author's name was the title. A title should always be bigger than the author's name, as the book it about itself, and not so much the author (unless it's an auto/biography. Interesting the protagonist bares a striking resemblance to her too.

The book was shallow as a puddle, and quite frankly not worth a read. The only reason I read it all the way through was because I always read books I buy, fortunately I picked this one up at a warehouse sale for $5. Oh and I bought the book before reading the reviews.

P.S. She sucks at writing sex scenes, if they're not going to be good you should just skip it all together and just imply it happened.

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