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Another stressful week, first wave of tests/projects due next week, Qs for eco, some sort of reflection for PD, a test for marketing and another reflection for events. None, other than the Qs, of which I know what to do. Seeing the careers lady next week hopefully for a mid-yr college transfer.

Being super busy/tired we've been getting quite a bit of take away this week, vegan food on wed, pizza on thurs and fish&chips on fri. On Wednesday for lunch instead of the usual (subway & breadtop) we decided to be spontaneous and pick a random business card from my bag, we picked Crossways, an all you can eat for $5.50 (students) or $7.50, add 50c for t/a. CW is a small little eatery, upstairs, with a setting as some would describe a school diner hall, where the walls are bare of an deco & the lighting is set to warm. On a very hot day, the smell of Indian food in a room with little ventilation was overwhelming, and we opted for take-away. 

CW has a set menu, where they serve only a certain food (always served with rice & pappadums) & dessert. Wednesday was Chickpea/Spinich Subji & Jasmine Rice (+ pappadums) & Cherry Halava. The rice dish was filling & so very healthy, though it was a bit much for me, and I didn't finish it. I believe there are two types of people when it comes to mains: carb & protein. With the ratio of 1:3, some prefer more meat, others more carbs (rice/bread/pasta), I'm a carb person. This dish was 2/3 lentils. Pappadums, are thin, lentil crackers normally served as an appetizer with chutney, pickles, dips and salads, or as a bread to accompany an Indian curry. Fascinating, too salty when served with the lentil, but nice with the rice, as it was salty.

I love dessert, though perhaps not this time. My first attempt at Halava. What is it? I think it's a rice-y pudding, served with custard. Loved the custard as always :P, though the pudding was a bit scary, rice for me isn't a dessert thing, especially when it sponges up a liquid. CW is an interesting concept, I would recommend you try it, though check out the menu first.

On Thursday I picked up the wrong lunchbox, and got an omelette sandwich full of onion. Not a problem as I was too exhausted/stressed to eat anyway. We were assigned our first project for PD, a reflection on group work. Hmm... what am I meant to write? That we fail at group work due to language difficulties? And watching people get into groups was very amusing? For the groups we had to have half girls/boys, a different range of areas (e.g. accounting) and at least one asian bilingual person. Everyone quickly formed groups and it was a race to get the asians who spoke english without an accent. XD I got into the accountants group (everyone is good at maths we'll assume :P) we all speak english, some better than others. The problem with working/communicating with asian internationals is that they often don't do much work (not entirely their fault) as they don't understand. Contribution levels are also low, as they don't talk to us very much, or if they do we often don't understand them. It was quite assuming when you see people searching for another word for asian XD, this week the teacher chose "international" excluding me :P.

At college they have three types of food: packaged (e.g. chips), asian (pick a number) and a bakery. Limited choices. Though this week I discovered a small supermarket down the road, next to a McD and two pizza places (one being Pizza Hut, the other one of those $20 gourmet pizza places). We went for Pizza Hut, the local one is amazing, this place was decent but not as good. Mia Cheese was ordered, I love cheese. :)

Friday. Crashed from exhaustion/stress, considering transferring. Got up in the afternoon, still exhausted (proof: too tired to watch 3/4 of the shows I normally watch). Went for dinner at the Pancake place, and ordered "Barramundi with Cottage Fries" as part of their early dinner menu. The Pancake Palour is a bit on the $$ side, and for $10 you don't get much. Deep fried fish (think fish&chips) + small potato pancake with home-made tartare sauce served with cottage potatoes, sour cream and spring onions. The tartare sauce was lovely. The cottage potatoes were interesting, half were wedges, deep fried, while the other half was baked potatoes, the type you have with steak. It was nice, though very oily. Next time I'd rather go to a real fish&chip joint though. Oh and despite its fancy name "Barramundi with Cottage Fries", on the bill it was listed as "Fish&Chips"...

After dinner we (I, as jas never turned up, nor called/texted) went for a walk, and missed half a play. Mr Director, decided to change the time though only informed cast & their family/friends, not anyone who bought tickets online though! The Tempest, was good, though I was a bit lost, arriving half way through.

It didn't matter (that much) that jas didn't turn up, it's happened a few time before (e.g. thought the event was the week after) I just carry on with the plans, though I would prefer 24hr notice if you aren't going to turn up, and to text if you're more than 15 minutes late.

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