Lush - Northern Lights @ Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last year during the boxing day sales we went to Lush, and waited for 3hrs... why do you open at 10am, when everyone else opens at 7am?! That's the bad part of the day - but we did end up buying about $30 worth of stuff from Lush ^^. Mainly bath bombs, which perhaps wasn't the best idea ever - considering that we don't use the tub (plus the cost of water to go up by 30%). But we also bought a scrub, some soap and shower jelly. One of the soaps is called Northern Lights.

Northern Lights are...
- a colorful undulating (wavy form/outline) glow
- seen in the night sky

- possibly radioactive & glows in the dark
- usually in the north polar region (hence northern lights)
- also called the "aurora borealis"
- if near the south pole they are called "aurora austrailis"

- a book by Pullman that was read to us in our reading sessions in middle school

Not sure if that's been photoshopped... but it looks amazing and something magical. Like when that guy cast the Dark Mark in the 4th Harry Potter film, that or this picture looks a lot like a HP book cover, the one where DD dies and there's the lake with skeletons. It also looks like when the Evil Queen of Once Upon a Time cast the curse, but in a different colour.

Lush created a soap using the colours of the Northern Lights, yes it looks radioactive and like it glows in the dark (tested, it doesn't) - but it looks amazing! :) It's part of their xmas limited collection, which increases sales as it's not available all year round. 
The piece I bought sadly didn't have all the colours in the picture above, just the yellow. But it smells the same. I'm not very good at describing non-food related smells, and would love the ability to tell what's in a perfume, but I can tell you it smells fresh, but not in a intense citrus way. According to Lush UK it's pine and lime.

NL smells amazing, but it a bit pricey (as with most of Lush's products) and the colours do come out when you leave it on the sink (and possibly on your skin too) so it's not as good as Lush's other soaps. But it does smell amazing... Will I buy it again? Undecided at the moment. Recommended? Yes, maybe as a hand soap though.

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