On Sunday we went to the RSPCA Million Paws Walk at Albert Park, located near Tram Stop 130. I've been to Albert Park many times before, though this was my first time taking the tram there. And so when we got off the tram and arrived at a cafe, I thought we were lost! The cafe is, Mart 130, Tram 130 spelt backwards - located at the old station master's building at tram stop 130. It's one of those places that you'd try because it's unique, like the maid cafe, rather than the raving food reviews. We will be back for brunch sometime. Interestingly for a non-asian ran food place, they only accept cash. Asians prefer cash because it's more convenient for cheating on taxes.

After we arrived we signed in and received the uniform, a blue cap and a light weighted dark grey hoodie. Not particularly fond of the uniform, but it beats slutty short maid outfits ^^. I was stationed at the Merchandise Tent, where they sold stationery sets, clothing, capes/bandannas and other themed merchandise. The best sellers were the capes and bandannas (particularly in size s), which we sold out of in most sizes. I didn't get many pictures till the end of the day, as it was quite busy.

Being a dog walking event there were hundreds of dogs, I don't often see dogs, working and taking classes in the city. I saw one Dalmatian, no really cool poodles, and a lot of Jack Russells and sausage dogs XD (Dachshund). No one really dressed up, Dorothy & Toto would have been a great idea. But there were two dogs wearing superman capes :P. Something interesting was there was a woman who bought her caramel bunny along, it was so cute ^^.

I wonder if he can see with those glasses...

There was a dessert stall that sold cupcakes from the cupcake bakery (note: they're just average, the base, made by the hundreds in a factory using packaged mix quality) and... macaroons! In lemon, something pink and something else I forget. They were donated by the RACV City Restaurant, an exclusive restaurant for RACV (the car insurance company, not RSVP dating site) members. I had the lemon and it was amazing. I wonder if jas is with RACV...

A Feature next to the Dessert Tent

I would of rearranged it, but wasn't meant to touch it...

Sorry about the lighting, all the seating was in the semi-shade.

Lunch was provided and consisted of a sausage sizzle or veggie burger and drink, which surprisingly offered bottled water. The veggie sandwich was nice, if it weren't for lack if flavour and seasoning. It was a mostly potato cake with corn, onion and some other processed veggies. Tomato sauce and mustard was provided, but did not go as well with the patty as desired. The vegetarian version of most foods suck. Except maybe at Cafe Vue.

My shift ended officially at 4pm, but by 2.15pm we were all packed up and there was nothing left to do. It was a fun experience, from which I learnt, not to wear a dry clean only coat to XD for next year. I love dogs, but didn't touch any except the one that was high and jumped up and licked my hand before I responded. We used to have a dog, a Jack Russell, Max, but it turned out to be too much of a commitment, especially because no one was ever home, I think he went to the pound. Once in the pound you got 30 days, after that you get sent to the "zoo", but Max was cute so someone would have adopted him. Though there were rumours that he was put up for auction...

The Hoodie, which shall live in the events vacuum bag, till next year.

By the way all my blogger issues problems have been solved thanks to Kitty. :)  Through tutorials and emails she helped me with all the issues of the "new" blogger, as I was on the fully html version before. 

1. older posts link to the footer of the last post on each page
2. 3 posts per page limit (3 very long posts)
3. added the title to each post to appear, and links to a page with just that one post
4. and the biggest and change... comments! Before there was no comments option, but she had the code for that.

Blogger Sue said... on May 23, 2012 at 6:11 PM  

Yay for comments!!
I had a few friends doing this walk, looks like a great day!!!
I laughed at " Asians prefer cash because it's more convenient for cheating on taxes." SO TRUE lol but annoying.

Blogger Charlie Brown said... on May 24, 2012 at 2:23 AM  

I have a friend, a mr swipe, who doesn't believe in cash. It's not annoying until you go out with a group of friends to a cash-only place to discover y'all only have cards. And the cloest ATM is a few hundred metres down the road. :P

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