Stress & Dental Issues @ Tuesday, May 15, 2012

On Sunday we meet jas for dinner and frozen yogurt, he was an hour late but it's ok - because he actually turned up (and I had a book with me), we went to Snag Stand and a yogurt bar in South Yarra. Will blog about it, review and pictures on the weekend (two projects due this week). Monday, a rainy day we went for cupcakes and mocha, the cupcake was delicious, the mocha watery and horrible.

Saw the dentist today. Was going to get a filling re-done (the last one fell out) but we ended up doing tests instead, with my gums on the right causing moderate to major pain. He says I either got a. gum disease b. major major issues, involving tooth and root canal extraction (we're going to remove a tooth and the root deep in the gums). For once I'm really hoping it's gum disease (fixed by cleaning). I also discovered ice hurts like hell, as in frozen water. And that I grind my teeth while asleep "closely linked to stress accumulated during the day", noted and increasing since the last dental visit. Need to get a mouth guard to wear while sleeping... which will cost $$$, though we're going to try the drugstore ones first.

I'm so so screwed. On top of the pain and all the dental issues, I also got 1.5 major projects due this week. One of which I'm stuck on, the other, a presentation I'm almost done the slides and prep, just need to work a bit on the notes. The stress is killing me, it's already decreasing my energy levels (always operating on low battery and occasionally sleep mode in class), I don't have time (or often the energy) to eat, and now it's attacking my teeth.

How are you meant to sleep with a dental guard in your mouth?

Blogger samanthajayne22 said... on May 21, 2012 at 4:25 PM  

I actually grind my teeth and got a guard from my dentist ($500 later..)

I actually find it super comfortable (because it's moulded etc)

Also is great as I didn't realise how sensitive and sore my teeth had become from the grinding, I had immediate relief. Also go and get some Sensodyne (or similar) toothpaste, coz it helps too ;)

I now don't feel like as much as a freak for having to have this guard hahaha

Sam xx

Blogger Charlie Brown said... on May 21, 2012 at 10:30 PM  

Thanks for your comment Sam, it makes me feel slightly more normal to know I'm not the only one with this problem. :P And from your description it doesn't sound as scary, as I pictured it, a huge plastic thing - like the sport mouth guards. Getting fitted for mine next week. :)

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