Things to Do vs Time @ Wednesday, May 09, 2012

So much to do and so little time and energy, and I feel like I'm dying... which isn't helping.
  • On Sunday it was Starlight day, shall blog about it on the weekend.
  • ...was spent "going" to an economics workshop (read: class for those who are failing) it was canceled - but I did get points for turning up. There was one other girl there, we went to the office, and of course the office knew nothing about the class or where mr eco was. 
  • Got back to the library at 3pm, went looking for the lockers that didn't exist. Found my new coffee place instead.
  • Blacked out in the sauna room (the heating when schizo and controls didn't work).  
  • Went to a class on public speaking, it was great. Except for that bit where they said it went to 5pm, but it was actually 6pm so I had to leave to meet the eco tutor.
  • Did 2 things with ms eco. At this point I don't think we're going to be ready for the exam in time. Or maybe I should get a 2nd tutor?
  • Back to the library again, read about culture till my eyes hurt and my vision went funny.
  • Saw a guy with an angry birds' hat and ninja turtle bag on the train.  
  • Went to see the dr, turns out the back pain means we have rib issues, and need to have an xray. My back hurts all the time, so I never got it checked out till now. Think I hurt myself picking up a box on Sunday. 
  • Found out that cultural crap I read wasn't related to the 2hr essay, other than the use of the word culture, somehow linked with social media networks and privacy. It's not fair, it was like a diversion. Why is the reading listed there as prep. for the essay, when the essay isn't even about culture?!
  • Major gum ache throughout the day, 4 painkillers later and I could still feel it! :(
  • Missed the Closer and it's not online :( cause I was working on that evil events project which I now passionately hate.
  • Events project progress: finished the intro & 1/4 of part 1/5 (excluding formatting the report and all that).
  • Sick day. Headache and other pains. But the gum ache is decreasing - for now.
  • Work done: none.
  • Goal: to complete part 1 & 2.
  • Parcels from Glassons & Alannah Hill. :)

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