1. Cards - There are plenty of nice $1-2 cards around, your friend (esp. if it's a boy) probably won't notice that you got him a $7 Hallmark card anyway. Or if you’re in a crafty mood, make a card. Though if you’re like me and go all out, it would cost about the same as a fancy card.

2. DIY - Look up DIY idea they'd love. There are very  easy ideas out there e.g. picture frame + keep calm... photo in matte costs <$10 or you can make a candle or beauty creams and other natural beauty stuff.

3. Food! - Make cookies or other small good like rum balls, use cellophane and ribbons to make it pretty, or stick it in a nice $2 shop jar, and decorate the jar yourself. They do say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach ;). We’re loving candy bouquets like this one and this

4. Sales - For girls cosmetic sales are great for buying small gifts, you can also put them in a small basket, add tissue paper and wrap it from cellophane to create an gift basket, much cheaper than pre-made ones.  Also don't forget to stock up Christmas presents and other gifts during the June Sales.

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