Bits of Last Sunday and Thursday @ Monday, August 27, 2012

After work on Sunday, which was beside a shopping center, I found a bookshop and couldn't resist buying something, and so bought three books...

The contents is much better than the covers (except the fairy book). With fiction it's hard not to judge a book by it's cover but with non-fiction it's much easier, as you skim, a title catches you eye and you pause to flip through it. The red book I've read a bit of, and it's very good, it's about Myers-Briggs Personalities. Fairy Glen though all the texts are in two small insignificant paragraphs, it's amazing. A pop-up book, for Lucy who can't read (she's a bunny rabbit).

This week I went to 5/8 classes and watched two online, the missing one was a prac. Mr stats was one of those who was 'let go of' due to funding, so we have another mr stats, one with an accent... 3/4 of the class left one by one, of those who stayed the majority including me fell asleep. I saw mr new stats the next day and he asks if I'm going to come and sleep in his class again. XD But when asked he said he preferred it if we stayed and sleep rather than leave.

My new belt came after 3wks, which is pretty good. The expected shipping time is 4wks. 3.13 buy now price from ebay. I lost my belt (similar to this one) two Tuesdays ago, somewhere between leaving class and getting to the library it fell off. How I managed to lose a belt I don't know... Anyone else ever lost a belt they were wearing? :P

During the week I bought a few Bourjois nail polishes, with the voucher, reducing them to $2.
Bought four, but one was for a friend, and we all know what black looks like anyway. :P

The background is some paper I bought from Kikki K last Sunday.


On Thursday I went to the sustainable ops lec and managed to say awake the entire time. :P
Headed back to the library, the weather was sunny and I was wearing a lace dress, and then came 4pm. The sky turned grey and it hailed, within 15minutes it was sunny again, but don't let that fool you - just cause the sun's out doesn't mean it's warm.

That's not the lens, it's rain on the window.

Mocha Frap with a Shot
It wasn't that nice, but did keep me awake for 12hrs.

Jas bought macarons for dessert (my idea, but he was closer).

For dinner we were going to go to Satsuki, but they were closed - even though I called a few days before and they said they were going to be open! Fortunately another place on my wishlist was across the road, Tandoori Cottage. Worst thing ever happened - I forgot my camera in the car! And as we had time limitation and the car was far away, I didn't get it. :( But jas gave me his phone ^^, and he pointed out I took 7 pictures of the same thing. Yes but there's different angles... Because it's jas and he's super laidback we don't know if we'll ever get those pictures.

After being seated we were offered complimentary papadums with three dips: sour cream, sweet chili and soy - I think. Judging from pictures, I only tried the sour cream. He had Rogan Josh, and I had Butter Chicken and Mango Lassi. No comment on his opinion on the food, he generally doesn't tell you what he thinks. The butter chicken was good, not too hot or tomato-y (canned tomato), but nothing amazing, like the reviewers suggested. I prefer Red Pepper. Service was good, lighting was too dim for photos. Mango Lassi was lovely as always, they used canned mangoes from India by the way. There's only one thing wrong with Tandoori Cottage, their dishes don't come with rice. The butter chicken is 14.90 and rice is 3.00, so in terms of price it costs a bit more than the average. At Red Pepper for 12.90 it comes with your choice of rice or naan.

Car lighting isn't the best.

Macarons! I requested the purple & yellow ones. He bought two purples, passion fruit and lavender, lemon, which we both agreed was best, and chocolate, which was a bit flat in flavour compared to the others. They weren't the best looking but they did taste good. Looking forwards to trying other flavours. :) At the price of $2 they're the cheapest macrons you'll ever find, and there isn't much compromise on taste. 

The event of the night was going to the theatre. We saw 'The Three Musketeers', it was very good according to me, horrible says jas who said he was emotionally involved O.o. The adaption changed a few minor things, such as there was no Milady de Winter, instead the Cardinal (who looks like Rasputin) had a servant, Planchet, who wasn't evil, he's the jester of the play. Great facial expressions and very entertaining. A few characters were added/removed, one notable one is the addition of Constance, D'Artagnan's love interest, who is a fantastic singer. One of the musketeers really stood out, the girl, Porthos I think, she's hilarious and is a possibly metrosexual dandy.

One of my favourite characters was the Queen who has an affair, she's a great actor, very dramatic. She's the best dressed, with big puffy dresses. Strangly she's the only character to have a french accent, the play being set in France. She has it when she sings too, except for in one song where I think she forgot? I think it's meant to emphasis her being a foreigner (from Austria) but they speak German there, not French.

No one tripped on their dresses and capes, but Planchet did almost fall of the mini stage (with the thrones). Usually someone always almost falls, slipping on floor length capes. In the ball scene there was interesting a mix of costumes - regency/RJ, medieval, and modern, with a girl wearing an under top  and another wearing a corset.

The Plot:

We start at D'Artagnan's home, he says goodbye to his parents as he makes the trip to Paris in his quest to become a musketeer. They tell him to take the horse, Buttercup (huge cardboard horse with 2 people in it), who's an old stead and very slow. In a field is Constance (his love interest) who sings Michael BublĂ©'s  - 'Haven't Met You Yet', the Cardinal (who I think is her father?) arrives with his servant Planchet and she hides behind the flowers. He gives a talk on the current situation, the musketeers are on the run, as they were accused of killing the king's sister (who serves no purpose, other than being mentioned to be dead). There's a fight between the D'Artagnon and the Cardinal's men, the musketeers are introduced, and they fight with D'Artagnon. They become friends.

Meanwhile at the palace the Queen cheats with the Duke of Buckingham, they sing an unfamiliar song. He's leaving, she gives him her diamond studs (earrings) to remember her by. The cardinal overhears the whole thing and plots, convincing the king to have a ball and request that the queen wears the studs. Queen sends a note from her servant, D'Artagnon gets it and retrieves the studs by trading all the money he has for them (motive unknown), but the Cardinal ends up getting them. Note that the queen's servant is a total wimp who lacks a backbone. Party. Musketeers. The queen confesses to the king that she had an affair and the Duke has the studs and they break up. D'Artagnon once again gets the studs back. And somehow the Queen gets the King back by reminding him of when they first met. 

Sub-plot, D'Artagnon gets the girl, Constance and she sings 'Sweet Caroline' . At some point between the Cardinal's plot and the ball, Planchet (jester-like character) sings 'What about me', which was very good and worked well, he's my height (short) and so the lyrics work. Back to the story everyone's together, the two couples, K/Q and D/C, Planchet sings a reprise, of 'what about me', while the other characters are oblivious to him being there. The queen's servant confesses that it was the Cardinal who killed the king's sister (motive unknown) and that he framed the musketeers. He gets imprisoned, and Planchet says he works for him so they can be together. XD Cardinal says kill me now.

50yrs later, the sentence is over. Cardinal sings the start of ''We Are the Champions', the Queen sings the 2nd half of the first paragraph. And everyone joins in. End scene. There's a reprise of a few songs, another modern ball. And that's the end.

The Cast 

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I have lost a belt while I was wearing it!! I only realised like 10 minutes later, and luckily my friend at work heard me talking about this lost belt to someone and she had picked it up off the road waiting for someone to claim it! lol

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