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Actual Types

Syndets aka Soap-Free Cleansers
- for sensitive skin
- low pH level = less likely to cause irritation
- often labeled as fragrance free, mild and non-irritating
- sensitive skin with acne, go for oil free and non-comedogenic
- e.g. Cetaphil

Cream Cleansers
- includes milks, mousses and balms,
- help moisturize skin
- good for dry skin.

Gel Facial Cleaners
- oily skin
- have a light lather that helps to absorb excess oils on the skin.
- salicylic acid is good for blemishs, but avoid if using a moisturizer or spot treatment that contains this ingredient.

Cleansing Cloths
- ideal choice for removing makeup and keeping skin clean while on the go
- pen-weave cloths are better for dry or sensitive skin
- closed-weave cloths offer more exfoliation and are thus a better choice for people with oily skin.
- e.g. Olay, Neutrogena and Dove

Skin Types

Oily or Acne-Prone Skin
- Gel-based cleansers
- moisturize w/o clogging skin
- clean out pores and strip away excess oil
- e.g. Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Acne Wash

Dry Skin
- cream cleansers
- restore lost moisture and keep skin hydrated
- Non-foaming cleansers are also good
- Look for cleansers that contain glycerin and hylauronic acid, these ingredients draw water to the surface of the skin
- Avoid foam cleansers

Combination Skin
- gel-based or mildly foaming cleansers

Sensitive Skin
- Glycerin is a key ingredient it improves and protects skin... attracts just the right amount of moisture required to hydrate skin
- look for something that says sensitive or extra gentle
- e.g. Neutrogena’s Extra Gentle Cleanser (cream)

Facial Cleansers 

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Best Facial Cleansers for Sensitive Skin

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