Still alive... I think... @ Friday, October 19, 2012

... though I feel a bit well, out of touch. Imagine not having access to your phone for a week,  that's how I feel without my laptop. Had it sent to the IT guy last Saturday, he fixed it, ready for pick-up Monday, and someone has continuously forgotten to pick it up! I can't survive... without my blog. My neopets are dying, lecture/slides hasn't been downloaded and absolutely no work has been done this week.

How I feel without my blog...

Fortunately my brother Andy is letting me use his computer (I do believe this is the first time I've mentioned him on my blog O.o), but it's not a great idea to upload those 300+ pictures I've taken within the last fortnight, my USB can't hold them all. But I have done three drafts posts, another draft coming tomorrow. Awaiting the return of my laptop for pictures before I publish them.

Upcoming Posts:
- Dutch Pancakes with Ruby (aka what I did two weeks ago)
- Armageddon Expo 2012 (events are back!)
- Our Last IT Session (alternative title: I'm so screwed for exams)
- Pink Ribbon Day 2012

So this week...

Monday - IT presentation, details in another post. Got a picture of Austin ^^. Practiced a bit of 'photo-shopping' on it too, as it was the perfect basic portrait to use as a canvas. While I'd like to get feedback on it, I did promise that I wouldn't put it on the Internet.

Tues - Slept... no work done.
Wed - 2/3 classes attended. I'm lost in accounting
Thu - Somehow I missed both classes, once again no work done.

Friday - Pink Ribbon Day, there's going to be a post on this coming up soon. During my morning shift I sold three items to two people. Bought two bottles of nail polish. We found Mason-ish jars! for Tiramisu, it's a shame servings per person (including presentation) are around 5.00 though. I'm making tiramisu next week for WTD, will take lots of photos. ;)

I do believe this is the first weekly, or in this case 2-3wks of happenings, post that doesn't have any pictures I took! Not to worry, I have about three weeks worth of pictures on my cameras. ;) 

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