Armageddon Expo 2012 @ Friday, November 02, 2012

Edit: I finally sent the laptop away for repairs so we were afk for more than a week. Very behind in posts. This post was meant to be posted Sunday 14th Oct.

Saturday morning I was in zombie mode, not really sleeping the night before. I couldn't sleep, or rather I was in that state of consciousness where you find yourself drifting in and out of sleep, and in the end you don't really know if you slept at all. By the time I got to the expo center I was awake though, and I'm happy to say without the aid of a mocha with two shots ;)

So many plushies...

We started off by receiving shirts, size friendly they were all huge. I was swimming in the smallest size they had. Next we signed in, received staff ID and were briefed. A majority of us were greeters, and hung around the entry. I made an acquittance, J, who's also studying events ^^, but at a private college, she does all the festival rounds. And as you've guessed wants to manage festivals. We spent an hour hanging around doing nothing, as there were about eight of us, and really you only need two greeters at a time.

The organizer (who unfortunately I didn't get a picture of, but I do believe he was dressed as Robin) came around again to tell us our shifts. 1.5hrs long, only. Robin was wearing a cape, and we had Edna Mode's "No cape!" discussion. Which I just love! For those who haven't seen it, it's a scene from ''The Incrediables', Edna, the superhero costume designer explains to Bob aka Mr Incredible, why he can't have a cape.

A classic scene. 

I was on from 12-1.30pm, so left to roam. Covered the entire expo in under an hour, as I'm not really into comic-con-esque type of stuff I wasn't particularly interested. But I did find that there were only three sources of food: the over-priced caf (ran by the center), a sour straps stall and... fudge! I do like fudge. And bought three. I find at expos food is always more $$ than if sold in retail, the fudge was 6.00 each if you bought one, they retail for 5.00 at other places.
Creme Burlee is the Best!

At 11.50 I arrived for my shift. We were to greet people at the door and hand out collectible cards. J had a great story, about a guy who kept going out and in to get them many times, and each time he held the pile behind his back XD He's going to be so disappointed to find out each pack is exactly the same :P I ended up finishing half an hour early as we ran out of cards. And there's no point attempting to stop people to say hi when the rate is considered a constant running stream.

The Collectible Cards

All staff got a token for siggy and photo from a celeb, or famous person, relating to comics or some tv show. The only person I could identify was Martin Kelabb (though I didn't know his name till I googled him) who plays a dwarf in POTC and Mirror Mirror. I got a signed photo with him and a picture signed. Did want to ask for a 3rd, but felt a bit weird about it.

Lunch - Chicken Burger 6.50 & Chips 4.50
As always the only source of food (other than fudge and sour straps) was the overpriced cafe.

The most important aspect of the event - costumes! While there were a quite a few comic book guys (ref Simpsons) around and girls with stomachs wearing short tops and other unpleasantness I don't want to think about, there were also so great costumes.

My favourite was the Corpse Bride, she even had Victor, though he wasn't twiggy.

Top Left & Center - Regina, Emma & Ruby (OUAT)

From past events there was also the Rapunzel (a vendor) this time with her man, Flynn, and Mother Gothel (though I do believe they're not all together), and the amazing Jack Sparrow. Lots of Star Wars and Doctor Who costumes, and surprisingly three Once Upon a Time peeps, Regina, Ruby and Emma.

Rapunzel Cast - Spider & Batman - Superheros
Something from Dr Who - Something from Star Wars 

For Doctor Who fans there was a free photo booth that was in the form of that blue police phone booth, I think it's called a Tardis, or something like that. It was very popular, but unfortunately staff didn't get to skip the line for that and we didn't have time to get some pictures taken. 

Mulan - Officer Jenny - Rapunzel

Jack Sparrow

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