Cinderella meets Frankenweenie @ Monday, November 12, 2012

31st October

In a horror movie, if there's a scene set in a school it's always the gym teacher who's the first to die (or something bad happens to them), that happened XD, though she saved herself from a wererat by her skill of somehow managing to climb up a flagpole :P a variation of the classic knotted rope. I wonder if Hector can do that... 

I went to see Frankenweenie today, not meant to leave the desk other than for exams but I had a ticket. It was very good, a Burton creation, it follows the classic story of a boy and his dog. And what happens when science is used for evil. Also the film reinforces that (vampire) cats are evil :P. It's in black and white and uses the same 3D stop motion technique like 'The Corpse Bride' and 'Nightmare before Christimas'. A great comedy-horror, a perfect viewing for Halloween.

I really enjoyed it, and so did le beau (I saw it during the afternoon, and 3hrs away that night he went to see it) - in costume :P his workplace had a dress-up day, and he dyed his hair black and went as Dracula. Meanwhile I was going to go as Sleeping Beauty (OUAT version) but that failed as somehow the dress became too big (I didn't try it on properly) and so I went as Cinderella instead - to first cousin (once removed)'s wedding.

Was going for pancakes for brunch, but as we were running late we did afternoon tea instead.

Though I've been to the PP many times, this was my first time with my DSLR.

You should always bring extra batteries, even if you just charged the one of the camera yesterday, as I re-discovered. I forgot it and by the time I remembered it was too late. I didn't get many photos. The wedding (reception) was held at Shark Finn house, and as the bride was asian, cousin decided to go for an asian dinner. I don't think it's going to work out, and am interested in knowing what they have in common, with their 20yr age difference, she's my age and doesn't speak much English, they met online and he bought her here from some asian country. She has orange hair and is in competition with Ashley to be the thinnest person I know.

My battery died, so I only got pictures of the cake (taken before dinner). The waiters did not approve of my camera and would not give me the opportunity to take any pictures. And I do wonder of they speak English. The food was served asian style, which was different, the waiter bought out a big plate/bowl to the table and then serves it onto small plates.

a. Sesame Seed Prawn b. Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup c.Fried Rice
d.Peking Duck Supreme e. King Prawn & Scallop in Bird’s Nest
f. Shredded Fillet Steak with Honey &
Pepper Sauce
g. Small fruit platter

The food was great, and there was a lot of mains, the three in the picture are just a few that I could identify. I loved the Peking duck always, its a shame that 2/3 of the duck is bones (when you buy it at an asian restaurant). The prawn ball (a) was also really nice. My only criticism would be the dessert, the serving size was a table of 10 was more like the size for 2-3 people, as it was a few slices of watermelon and two oranges. Though by that stage of the night everyone was full. Interesting of one cousin's friend decided to ask to take the uneaten mains (leftovers?) with her... which I believe is something you should never ever do, consulted my brother on this, and he said it's an asian thing to do, not waste food and always get TA that is...

The baker designed the cake, as cousin was anything goes, the bride had no say in the matter.
In most relationships one person is in charge, in this one it's him.

Note: Sugar paste is purely for deco, not for eating.

The cake looks a lot better than it tastes, tastes almost no different from a supermarket jam roll (made up to a few months ago) to me. Interestingly the top tier was not a fruit cake saved for the Christening of their first child (the bride wants a kid, a scary thought, as she's my age). It was a three tier sponge, the top vanilla, middle jam, bottom unknown, as they ordered a bigger cake than required.  

Who was the best dressed of them all? It was meant to be the bride, but been a modern considerably normal girl (currently into colourful jeans) decided to go for a tragic guava pink dress, it wasn't the colour that was wrong it was the cut. It was a halter neck, and from the side everyone got a full view of her... and the skirt of the dress was one of those short in the front and long on the back styles.

I went as a modern Cinderella (it was Halloween after all), this is similar to dress, but the beading is different. I wore it with a tiara headband (more headband than full on bling tiara) and a white faux fur wrap.

Bought the bride two presents, one was a necklace.

Cousin (who is not the bride by the way) said he didn't like it because it was fake... (I bought it from Lovisa), the other gift was a perfume from DJ's. We're going to assume he didn't like that either... And here I thought you were meant to be nice and pretend you like it. And it wasn't like it was for him anyway. That or he was speaking for her, as she doesn't speak English. Slightly disappointed that she didn't seem to have notice I wrapped it and the way I decorated it, but then again I'm used to considerably lowering my expectations since becoming friends with Jas.   

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