Pink Ribbon Day 2012 @ Monday, November 05, 2012

Another late post (due to IT issues). Better late then never. ;)
Ideally posted on the 27th Oct.

Last month I volunteered to see merchandise for Pink Ribbon Day (fundraising for a certain type of cancer that around 7/10 women will be diagnosed with), I know it's a bit doom and gloom, but I do think most people will die from some form of heart disease or cancer. Pink Ribbon Day is organized by the Cancer Council which fundraisers for cancer research, offer support/info for those with cancer or friends/family, and things like that (that's what I know w/o googling the org). The volunteer coordinator lady was amazing, with communication, management and all that jazz. :) I'm definitely going to volunteer again next year.

Presentation only, fascinator not included. ;) 

It was a Friday, I was on for the morning and evening.  Personally I didn't manage to sell much, and I'm certain that the number of photo taken was more than the number of items I sold. :P Fortunately I have filtered through them (the photos) and picked the top six (pictures taken on the day), I also have another set of related photos, which I'll have in another post.

During the afternoon the other volunteers, two of them were survivors, did a fantastic job at selling merchandise, generating 90%+ of revenue that day. Our location was decent, being outside a big retailer, there was lots of traffic, in the morning it was retired people going for coffee with friends, and mothers with toddlers, but not many people bought stuff, or noticed the stall. I love the bears, and kids always like them, pester power. ;)

Super Girl Penny is Superhero Dougal's Counterpart

Penny is very talented and takes on many different careers,
like Barbie, except she can't change her clothes...

In her free time Penny becomes Daisy a ballerina at Ballet de l'Opéra de Paris.
Can you guess which one she is? :P 

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