Schnitz, Books and Fancy Hats @ Thursday, November 15, 2012

2nd November

Had my IT exam today, thanks to the 8pg notes we were allowed I think I passed. Somehow I had no idea what I was doing (during the studying part) and 2hrs before I had to leave to get to the exam I figured it out... hence I only had 6/8 pages. Fortunately I could answer most of the Qs, and there was only about three I totally didn't know. Was disappointed that ecommerce wasn't on it, as that I was the bit I knew the most about. 

During the exam one of the ladies watching me (examiners?) drew a picture of me. The part where I'd finished and was checking my answers for the 2nd-3rd time. It's amazing! I can't draw at all (or at least not people, and w/o a tablet), she said she's been drawing for 20yrs. 

Yes I did wear a big headpiece to the exam, as I always wear big headpieces to my IT class.

Bunny! There was lots of them. I saw around 20. 

Afterwards I went back to the city, for dinner at Schnitz, as I heard they do the best chips. Crispy, golden, crunchy. But a bit too oily. Do try it for yourself though. Grill'd still makes the best hot chips and sweet chili mayo sauce, though I will give Schnitz another go.

Ordered the status quo beef burger, it wasn't chewy, but it was gross. 

Was half an hour late for dinner... as I saw a bookshop! And as always I never leave empty handed, I bought 5 mini novelty books. The two I've read are amazing, books of quotes.

In one of the books there was a quote that described Hector perfectly.

I realized something today: other girls like shoes and handbags, shoe is to book (most girls I know have enough shoes to call it a library if it were books) and handbag is to headpiece.

After dinner we went shopping. Cue didn't have the coat I'm after, but the very friendly SA told me which branches stocked it. Went by the millinery pop-up shop at Melb Central, they weren't particularly affordable though, as they were all in the hundreds. There was an amazing white lace top hate though, and a pink hat that would be perfect with a Marie Antoinette costume.

A lovely SA told me how to make wire frame (an alt to headbands that don't hurt your head) for the fansinators, using millinery wire (stronger than florists'), tulle/cotton, a comb and elastic.

Anyone have any ideas what this is called?

Other than books I also bought a candle from Mimco, using my $30 b'day code. It was a very difficult decision, but in the end I went with the red current. It's like cranberry and something else. I love blackcurrent & apple juice. Though I've never seen a blackcurrent, or have any idea what red current is... Review coming soon :)

Red Current Rebel

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