Still on Exams @ Monday, November 26, 2012

Alternative post title: During Exams - Part 1

I've been away/scheduling very over due posts lately as I'm still on exams, with the last one on next week (date tbc). Long story short, I missed half an exam because of public transport, that and I forgot that if you leave after noon everything takes an hour longer, in terms of traveling south to west. Fortunately mr stats said it's "ok", and has set another time for it. He's not happy, but he didn't hang up on me either. 

This is mainly a post of what I did during exams, anything but study.  

Mid-Late Oct: It was Andy's birthday a few days before my first exam, accounting, he wasn't fussy about the cake, so I picked Tiramisu, but they were out so we got Mocha instead. Lovely as always, but I prefer the Durian :P. I highly don't recommend you buy the message board, made of the lowest quality possible chocolate.

What's inside the box? O.o 

On morning I received a HUGE parcel, a box, the biggest thing that's ever being delivered to me (I don't buy white goods or anything I can't bring home on the train). It was completely unexpected, and as I'm quite an unpopular person (yes I have received threats before, once) security got in and check it out. My surprise to what it was as big as the box itself XD, 420 sachets of soup! This is the biggest thing I've ever won (25 words competition), physically and possibly in monetary terms. I was 1 of 150 winners of the Continental Cup-a-Soup Office Pack competition. It was ran on facebook, so you can imagine how many people entered with 74k fans. Oh and I found all that out by a little research, as there was no letter in the box at all.

Number of people in my life who were impressed: 1.5. And that's the story of why I don't talk about family. According to mother, justifying why aunt Ethel took several boxes w/o asking me (when I was in the room - and yes I did confront her, no she didn't ask if she could have them or anything, she just kept walking) it's because I had lots and so no one has to ask to take a few. So you're saying that cause the bank has lots of money it's totally cool to go steal a couple million? A guide to getting along with me: touch my stuff and die, also ask if you want to borrow something, and mention how long you're borrowing it for. Yes I do keep record.

A book I ordered came in the mail :).

A few days later there was another one. Reviews pending. 

I won a prize for a competition on facebook. 
The thing behind the green folder is a USB. 
Henry the Hippo was introduced to the Animal Shelf. 

Bought a candle or two, as I had gifts vouchers expiring soon.
The total came to $20, really wanted the vanilla, but it only came in the bigger size.
We have yet to try them out. Photographing glass doesn't go too well for me.

We were out of lip balm, so picked up a few after the sustainable ops exam. A hard decision to make, we had to choose between 4 for $6 (2x original, 1x honey, 1x tea) vs 3 originals for $8. As I haven't tried their honey (still on my shelf) and hate tea (they call it pomegranate) it was a hard decision, but in the end I chose the $8 tin as I was certain I'd like it. Reviews coming soon, with the tea review being contributed by Emily.

If you're ever after Burt's Bees, MOR, Bloom or pretty much cosmetics/beauty gifts check out Cosmetics Fragrance Direct, the lip balms I bought (3 for $8) retail for around $6 each at Priceline. They're at all the DFOs, and there's one in the city at Southern Cross. 

The lovely lady at Cancer Council sent us photo frames and cute mini torches. I also got my order of business/playing cards for the blog, from Arts Cow, they had a promo where I got these cards for just $1 including shipping. 

At some point during studying at the library and getting hot chocolate from Lindt, I went to Schnitz to give their chips another try. I like them, but still they're too oily for me, I'll stick to Grill'd, the manager at QV's very friendly (he likes bandannas). 

Between sus ops & stats, we had more cake. This time we got the Durian :). If you're wondering why we've had so much cake lately it's because I kinda bought 4 groupon vouchers for cakes at Cake World. While I'd recommend their cakes, not the same can be said for service or price.

Blogger Krissy said... on November 26, 2012 at 12:26 PM  

omg that sucks about missing half your exam!! that was my worst nightmare!
love the candle!! and omg those chips made me hungry!

good on you for winning a couple of competitions! nice work with the 420 sachets of soup lmao!!

Blogger kittylove said... on November 26, 2012 at 9:50 PM  

I saw those coupons and was wondering whether the cakes were any good. Is it an asian style bakery?

Blogger Charlie said... on November 27, 2012 at 12:58 AM  

Krissy - I think my worst nightmare would be going to the exam in my pjs! I had a dream about that, though in the dream I slept on the train with my sleeping bag in between exams XD.

Kitty - Yes it's another Breadtop, they say they get their cakes delivered freshly daily, but I doubt it. I would recommend their cakes, though not at $28, there's a place in Dandenong that does great sponges, and you could make your own cream. But for $14 I'd buy another couple vouchers ;).

Cake World's sponges are nice, though the highlight is their cream. We had the Mocha & Durian (x3). My friend took pictures of their cakes: . I found that service was meh, average for an asian place, though you're there for the cake not service. ;)

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