Competitioning - December Prizes @ Monday, December 31, 2012

I like to enter competitions, though not to the point that I can list it as a hobby on my dating profile resume. Does anyone want me to write a guide on the sport of competitioning? I mainly win tickets to plays or events, but I do also win stuff, like huge boxes of soup, and make-up (though not so often). Here's what I won in December: 

Stef Collections $30 Vouchure.
Competion Type: Random Draw
Chances: 1/57 or 1.75% 

 Tee Jay Notebook
Competion Type: Random Draw

Imax 3D Tickets to 'The Hobbit'
Competion Type: 25 Words

A Box of Cosmetics from Bloom
Competion Type: Find item. Instagram it. Random Draw. 3 Winners.
Chances: 100%. Only 3 entries.


Kids Paint Set*
Competion Type: Unknown. Either random draw or 25 words.
Chances: 50%. I was the only one who entered, they could have cancelled it.

*It came with a blank canvas.

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