House Arrest and Cake Cravings @ Sunday, February 10, 2013

This week and the last I've been under house arrest, can't wait for freedom after the exam on Monday. Though really I'm meant to be under house arrest till I get a phd. 

On Monday we made our first V-Day for 2013. While I hate V-Day (traumatic memory associated with it, involving bf no.1 about a decade ago. he's dead. drink driving.), I love making cards. I love hearts and glitter, and pretty cards. Though during the weeks leading up to it I hate everything and anything with red, pink (except Lucy's nose ^^) and hearts on it.

I added mini (2mm) rhinestones to the hearts and gold glitter. Not exactly post friendly. Though ms cards said it's perfect for placing a giftcard or those Malteaser bunnies inside. Not that you can really tell, but the card's 3D, when you open it up it's a box. I messed it up a bit, when scoring it (the ruler goes backwards) and so I was sort a cm - but somehow it worked out in the end. :) No this isn't the card I'm sending le beau. ;)

This is the one I'm sending. 

Nigella's Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Muffins Cake

At some point I was craving cake (still am, it's starting to be a bit an obession) and made cake. No baking soda/powder, just plain flour. It turned out dense and gross. What a waste of chocolate. It looks better than it tastes. Next time I think I might try a swiss roll instead. I like my cakes light and fluffy.

Bonbons Bakery - Green Tea Swiss Roll Slice

It really does look like I spent the week eating cake but that's not entirely true. I did lots of work, 15.5 pages of notes for the exam, unfortunately you're only allowed 8pgs. The cake above was not for me, though if jas had been there he would have ordered it. Mother didn't like it, she said it's too sweet. For her everything is too sweet. For grandpa everything has sugar in it, including grilled fish. She is not one you can satisfy, other than with fresh tofu.

Peach & Pear Cream Sponge

I love cream sponges. Unfortunately this one was a disappointment. Fruit came straight from a can, though they always do, it's cheaper that way. The cream also can from a can, not freshly whipped. Sometimes it's the sponge that's amazing, at others it's the cream. But this time it was neither. Though the combo of them wasn't too bad. I think I'll stick to their coffee sponges though, they're always perfect.

The joy of online shopping, or better the sound of the mail man's motorcycle at the gates.  Priceline was offering free shipping this week, under clearance there were quite a few things on sale for $2+, bath, spa and body products. I got the spa box (top left) and a pamper "book" (bottom left). Oddly the longer I stare at the girl she looks like a boy in a wig. O.o

Finally got around to buying that toner I did a review on last week, it's magical. I've never tried another toner like it, though the others didn't actually promise oil-control. And it was only 6.50! Possibly the cheapest skincare thing I've ever bought. The Natio young starter kit was for Andy, he won't be doing a review as he doesn't do anything that doesn't benefit him.

On Friday Lily stopped by with macarons, her favourite, coffee, and mine, lemon. Thanks Lily. :) While I do really like Sweet Kisses Macarons they tend to be a hit/miss. The coffee ganche was too much (quantity), while the lemon didn't have enough. The shell of the coffee was crunchy, over baked. And the lemon was missing something in its flavour. 

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