February Samples @ Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Lush - Celestial Face Moisturizer - Recommended for sensitive skin. Like many products it only targets one thing, in this case sensitive skin, and not combo oily. It made my skin shinny. Dislike. But it does smell very nice. 

Fountain - Cleansing Balm - I didn't like the smell, it was gross. Unless a product is amazing then I can overlook the unpleasant scent.

Palmer's Daily Cleansing Gel Like. It's just like Clinque's version, though this one is for sensitive skin, rather than dry/normal/oily. Not tested with taking off make-up. 

Kiehl's CC Dark Spot Solution - A serum to be use at night. Don't you wished they categorized all those products that don't state a what is it exactly? As it was just a sachet I don't know if it works long-term, just that there are no instant results. 

Lancome Youth Activating ConcentrateAnother serum. See review for Kiehl's. Won't know if it works till you've spent $$$ :P or you can look up reviews. But do note that it has 'cone and all thing bad for you. Try something more organic. 

Crabtree & Elelyn - Pomergranate Hand TherapyThe first hand cream I've ever finished. Now it could be just me, but I found that long-term use of C&E hand creams makes my hands overall dryer... I prefer Jurlique. Won't be repurchasing as I still have at least 400ml of this left, in various scents.

Shiseido - Brighting Balance Softener LotionTo be used as a toner. It didn't do anything for me, other than smell nice... I prefer my Clean & Clear Oil-Control Toner, as that one makes my face a bit drier before I moisturize and reduces shine a lot. 

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