Life Lately - Tuesday @ Monday, March 25, 2013

19th March.
It's Tuesday night, and I don't recall much from Monday... I do think my memory's going. 

Inner Smile
After the weekend when I see le beau Tuesdays are my favourite days. I have my events class (which I like) and I'll see Austin. In my head I was smiling for most of the day (up to the group work part) and mr events said something nice, a compliment, can't exactly remember what he said, but it made me smile. Later on ms events said she likes my coat. :) I rarely ever get compliments from anyone other than le beau & co.

I gave mr events a bottle of my homemade room spray and he likes it. :) I gave it to him cause last week he said the room smelt strange, I can't identify what it is, but the lobby smells like latex dentist gloves. He guessed it was apple, not many people can identify cranberry, as it's all imported from the states, so not everyone is familiar with it. 

The Game of Domination
I had a moment of weakness today. Group project parts assigned - they (the group) decided who was doing what and didn't involve me in the decision - and I was there! In the room that is, but they told me nothing of it. I wanted to do part 1 (location) but was assigned part 3 (financial). Last week under the section that said who was doing what I wrote no.1 under my name, while the others didn't want to talk about who was doing what yet.

Instead of asking them about it I said nothing, but pretended not to see it. So I think they think I'm ok with it. Which is sure as hell that I'm not! Spent the evening/afternoon being mad with myself that I didn't say anything. I talk to ms events about it (she's nice, I like her) and she said I should email them - but sugar coat it first and ask a friend to read it before I send it. Will do. It's kinda sad though that I almost no self-control, and go from normal to bitch in 2 seconds flat. I do wish I was more like Bree Van de Camp - though I do think her repression is going to make her go crazy at some point.

Other Happenings of the Day

Saw mr mob and he said hi to me :) He's nice, I like him. No not in a creepy way.

Had an OCD moment. Whiteboard was covered in messy maths eqs and diagrams. I cleaned it. But it had to be perfectly clean. Ran out of time, said it was good enough, though mr events said it was perfect though - but there was 4 small marks left...

Became acquaintances with a girl in my class. Ladies and gentleman, introducing the wedding planner who doesn't believe in marriage. She believes it's like being friends, you don't need a party and certificate to celebrate that. Dear lord... please don't tell the clients that you don't believe in marriage when you're planning their wedding! She says she's seen/heard of too many marriages that don't end with happily ever - but you do know that 60% of marriages end in divorce right? Take a chance. 

Went to the law lec (normally on friday) cause I have an event on Friday. Today's topic was the first element of contracts, offer. Complex and we went fast, but I do understand it. Lots of writing, but I like the topic.

Saw Austin running fast walking away from me in the afternoon. and once again after class. Yes he's avoiding me, but he's failing, and denying it. Gave him a .doc defining coffee, why his reasons for us not being friends isn't valid, and a bit on persuading him. Getting his reply next week.

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