Shyun - Revisited with More Pictures @ Thursday, March 28, 2013

On Thursday (21st/March) Jas & I went to Shyun for dinner, with good timing we arrived just about half an hour before the dinner rush. There was only two others there when we arrived. But by the time we left the place was full and there was a waiting line.

As there was much less people there there was an opportunity for pictures. :)

Lots of them.

I do love white paper lanterns.

Near the door there's a board of specials and Polaroids of regulars.

If you sit indoors (we sat outside last time) you get to order using an ipad. Which I failed to get a picture of... it does lag but you'll survive. I've never been to a place that's used ipads for ordering before, the closest thing I can think of was a case study from marketing class where HJ had staff use them to decrease waiting to order time.

Pumpkin Croquettes 5.50

I ordered these last time and they're pretty cool, as I've never had deep fried pumpkin before. Though just have them once, they aren't one of those things I'd have again and again, only once in a while.

Niku Udon 10.80

Jas ordered a sort of noddle soup dish bowl with beef, which looked interesting. Cooked beef on udon noodle in Japanese fish broth, said the menu. Should it come with a plate of greens? It reminds me of pho, but with less greenery. While he didn't give a review on it he did suggest he regretted not getting what I did.

Deluxe Bento 14.00
Prawn tempura, teriyaki chicken,  grilled salmon with miso sauce,
deep fried onion & veggies, 2 sushi rolls (pieces) and  coleslaw & potato salad

I knew I wanted to get a bento, I like it how they serve it, complementary instead in the traditional red/black box. Though it was quite difficult to construct your own on the spot, and so I went for the deluxe. The tempura prawn was lovely, loved the salmon and potato salad. Felt as though there wasn't enough dressing for the salad though. And I didn't like the piece of deep fried onion, carrot and green bean.

Black Sesame Ice Cream

That day they were having a special offer - free ice cream with the bento order. I went for the black sesame, and it was nice. Interesting, I've only had it once before. It was nutty & creamy. No one laugh. - Unless you have another way of describing that. Jas didn't like it and said he preferred it over a steak. O.o

The Bill

As always I'd recommend going not during the lunch/dinner rush times, but perhaps for an early lunch or afternoon tea time. Great prices, and located near the station and buses from Chadstone. Great for lunch with friends, but perhaps not a date. The atmosphere isn't right. 

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