Once again I didn't sleep the other night so I spent the day asleep. Dreamt of an aristocrat dinner, picture books and being an art teacher. Missed mob, I'll take it on Wednesday. Started the law essay, did part of the intro but then got confused and it blended into the body. Created a 2nd plan.

Tried some new soap, Lush's Sultana of Soap. 
While it smells amazing it makes me squeaky clean and itchy.
Like most of Lush's soaps/shower gels.

Mail! Neutrogena's 50th Anniversary calls for free samples. 
In this case five of their best sellers, from sunscreen to hand cream.   


Priceline had a 40% off sale for make-up and nail polish (including Sally Hassen!), which is a great deal, sometimes there's a BOGOF offer, but rarely and not on a huge range. 

We bought...
x2 Rimmel Foundations (not pictured) 24.00
x2 Sinful Colours NP 6.00
L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream 16.00-ish
Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch 10.80
Bourjois Touche Healthy Mix Brush Concealer 14.40
Essence Circus Circus - Colour 3NP 3.30

Resisted the temptation to buy lots of cheap nail polish :P was going to get a Sally Hassen basics but I still had plenty top/base coat left. But I did get x3 nail polishes for around $10. :) The SA recommended 'Sinful Colors' which were only $3 each. I didn't take the np pictures btw. 

I'm from San Francisco :P. Love the emerald green. 
Guess they ran out of names for the blue. XD

eessence - Circus Circus Collection (2011/12) 
Colour 3 Nail Polish - 01. My Sparkling Acrobat

Did you pick up anything from the sale? 

Trip to the city. Melbourne Central. Got some eye cream samples. Everyone was very friendly, we went to L'Occitane (sounds the most promising, plus we got rave reviews from jas), Khiel's and Mecca Cosmetics. And here was the result...

Not exactly photo of the week, so we made it blue. :P

Stopped by Bread Top, as I was craving soft buttery soft bread with rasins. Was told it was baked today, they lied. Story of why I'd prefer to but from Brumby's/Bakers Delight if possible, they don't lie about when it was made.  

Class went by, today we did stakeholders and culture ethics which was interesting :) Recorder's been turning off by itself every few minutes - changed battery and we're good. 

Printed law essay plan to get feedback, mr law was not impressed :( I miss Ian. He didn't get that upset when pointing out I'm way off track and blabbing. 

Group work, turns out the girls aren't giving me the info they need cause they haven't started. Looking forwards to starting the project (right after I finish the law and manager project).

Law is back on. Intense as always. The trick to not getting on a stress high is not to think too deeply about it, just copy it down and absorb. 6 pages this week, with a repeat on Friday. 

Met jas for dinner afterwards at Sapa Hills. He ordered my favourite dish (I insisted :P) while I had pho, which was nice but not as good as if we had gone to a pho place. Here's a sneak peek:

Deep Fried Ice Cream 
Picture of the Week - w Indoor Lighting


The bus was 3 minutes late, which made me a bit stressed, as it arrived at the station just as the train left. But it was ok in the end, as I still made it to class on time. During the trip I met a lovely woman who told me about a DJ samples/seconds store on little collins (x) queen st. Has anyone been there?

Class was interesting, we did globalization of goods/services and ethics I think it was. mr mob as always was great. Did you know in Norway the gov pays for all your healthcare, education (up to phd) and super annu?

I have a book where I try to write something nice that happened during the day. Today's entry was mr mob said my crown/pearl brooch was nice (I love it when people notice the little things :) and gave me a 2nd shot on the test I failed last week (I was very sick, drowsy, and fell asleep during it). Or at least he intended to, due to an IT thing (scheduled closing time/dates) it didn't work out. But it's ok, I've only failed 1/8.

Trip to the library where I did this weeks test 13/15 then got distracted on some fun reads.

Another trip. Daiso, I've always wondered where the city store was and today I found it, or rather google did :P it's underground, next to DSE on Bourke St (x) Swanston. The goal was to get in buy a business card holder, and get out. An hour later I'm done. There was so much stuff to look at, and it was all only $2.80 each. So much temptation, e.g. nail stickers, stickers, stationary and cookie cutters. Resisted the urge to buy them all though :P as I honestly wouldn't use them.

I've never seen a card holder like this one, it reminds me of tapes that were around when I was a kid. Female voice-over: "Coming soon to a store near you on DVD and video." Does anyone remember that?

Priceline. It was a frenzy in there! There was a girl at each brand counter/area. Exchanged my BB Cream, and bought Bourjois's Touche Healthy Mix Brush Concealer. Would have stayed to browse for things I don't need, but it was a bit scary (social anxiety activated) with so much estrogen in the store. Think I may have bought the wrong concealer. Guy brain (I prefer the company of men :P and don't know much about make-up) said there was one. Turns out there was three. 

Stopped at the shops (round 2) on the way home to get some stuff for a picnic lunch we're having tomorrow. ANZAC cookies (after all it is ANZAC day tomorrow) and croissants with chicken, cheddar and berry jam. My version of cranberry and turkey. :P


The day started with a fight over the picnic set. Mother gave it to aunty, who then threw half of it out and used the plates under pot plants. Aunty had a bitch fit about it, as it was given to her and according to her meant she could do whatever she wants with it. Mother said it was a lend. Aunty was especially bitchy about the plastic champagne glasses (I'm accident prone) as she said there's nothing wrong with red soda cups and there was no need to be fancy. She's an extreme minimalist (she had her "garden" paved with cement and had all the trees removed to keep it on low/no maintenance . No one likes her, she's so picky and bossy (she plays the role of the family matriarch - though no one has any respect for her, and we all avoid her, including grandpa).

The rest of the day went much better, we had a trip to the sea side with jas & emily, had a lovely picnic with perfect weather timing, and then took a billion pictures of sand castles. Thursday gets its own post.

Isn't this area lovely for a picnic? I've never seen anything like it, and to me it looks like something out of a Pokemon game, a town like Newport perhaps.


Therapy the conversation I've been dreading. My according to her numerous unprofessional, unethical and immoral r'ships. None of which I regret. :P 

Went to see the dr, the one that can give me medical certificates as he isn't practically related to me by marriage. And there we got our 'nice thing of the day', he said he likes the colour of my coat (red). :) Confirmed I have a virus, though it lasts a fortnight-ish and I'll be over it by the end of the week. We then had a discussion on CAT scans, he believes my issues e.g. facial recognition and memory fail are more psychological things then physical. Which means I'm screwed. :(

2.45hrs to finish that law essay, and I finished it just in time. :) Though I forgot the cover sheet at home and ended up taking a picture and sending mr law that instead till I give it to him next week. Towards the end I got a bit lost. Also completely forgot about the footnotes. 

After class we met Lily and went for a walk, and bought waffles (ice cream). Intended to go back and do some more work but somehow I got distracted with procrastination and random browsing. Don't actually remember what I did other than look at the mob project report template and make a list of things to be done. 

How was your week?

OpenID peachcordial said... on April 29, 2013 at 12:38 PM  

Some great buys there, Miss! I stocked up on Sally Hansen polishes too. Such an amazing sale.


Blogger Krissy said... on May 2, 2013 at 3:07 PM  

Ooh wheres that seaside place? it looks nice!

I laughed out loud at that deadlines meme! Reminds me of uni so much LOL!

Blogger Charlie said... on May 3, 2013 at 12:08 AM  

Frankston Waterfront. I'll have more pictures up next week. :)

Fortunately I got extensions for 2/4, interestingly I got an extension till the 10th May on my law essay I handed it last week. XD

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