How to Make Friends... or Not - Part 5 @ Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This may be the conclusion to the 'How to Make Friends... or Not' Series.

On Tuesday I went to see mr head of IT, who was nice and unlike Austin, is talking to me.

And the reason as to why Austin rejected my friend request (in person, not fb) is... Professionalism. While it's not against the rules to see any of the kids outside of class especially when they're not even in your class (or have any chance of being in your class in the future) some people still feel weird about it. Austin is one of these people. 

So it's nothing personal e.g. he knows how old I really am (my projected image/personality is a lot older than I am, because I don't take most people at my actual age seriously, r'ship age differences, and because I've experienced lots of things others my age have not, hence I'm am older than them and can't relate to them). 

My question is that if it was that simple why didn't Austin tell me? It wasn't like I was going to hurt him for saying it. It's because he's a chicken - according to me. Though mr IT says it's because Austin's new. O.o That's strange he said he's been doing this for 6yrs. My guess is that it's his 2nd yr taking the lectures, though he's been taking the tuts for the last 6yrs. And as others have been around for 10+yrs he's considered new. He's still a chicken to me, but ok that's acceptable reason as to why he doesn't want to have coffee with me. 

Mr IT also said that Austin's focusing on his work and I should be focusing on studying, as oppose to anything but work. As the head of a dept I see why he'd say that. But as me life is too short to spend it all studying (unless you're passionate about what you're studying) there's more to life than just work and studying, as I discovered with my first bf almost a decade ago. And by that I don't mean bedroom activities :P, I mean there's all these fun adventures you could be having, like trying new thing e.g. going to the opera, taking cooking classes, and overall doing things that have nothing to do with work/study.

For me it's not about the destination (highly successful partnership in an events planning firm, happily married to le beau, possibly kids through surrogate adoption), but more about who you'll meet along the way. Like Ian & Hector. And fun little adventures you'll have. As you can tell I have no work/life balance. Though when you don't have long to go work isn't that important.

It was confirmed that Austin doesn't know my name. As he never asked (we "met" over email) and I described myself as 'the pastel coat' so that he would be able to identify me when he sees me. Though the first thing people notice about me is the accent. 

Hector asked "Is he worth it?" before I would have said yes (my friends are pros at one way communication it's just in their nature) but now I'd say no, Austin's not worth it. He doesn't even know my name.

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