Project Week @ Sunday, April 07, 2013

This week was project week, so far I'm finished 1/4 (just need to proofread and confirm with lecturer before I send it), planned two and did nothing with law. The excuse is that the planning workshop is on Tuesday, next week. 

Lily sent me a picture of Cappuccino & Vanilla Latte Cupcakes she and Helen made.

Came across this while looking for quotes for my globalization essay. XD 

Cake Pop Basics

On Tuesday I learnt that people don't appreciate me taking pictures with my DSLR (noise included) in the library  I wasn't in the mood to copy it down. P.S. We're making cake pops at some point - I bought the kit.

Had group meetings on Tues. The first went fine, I like my partner for MOB, we work well together. No issues. Events... there is a reason I always work by myself in events. I don't get along too well with others in my specialty. I live two hours away from college, and so when you say we're meeting you better turn up! One girl left me a message, car issues, but I didn't see it till I got home that night. It's ok, she messaged me. The other girl however did not contact me at all! 1/3 of the group turned up... And then they want to reschedule. I'm not going to anymore out of class meeting with them. There's a reason I prefer the company of guys and not girls. Our majority elected leader is kinda a b**ch, and it's contagious. A Game of Dominance would be the perfect way to describe this particular team's work.   

A sneak peak at dinner with Freud at 'The Beach'. 

I found the location for my dinner party. Unfortunately no pictures as I couldn't hold the came still long enough. I like going out during daylight, fast shutter speeds I can do. The dinner will be very formal, and I'll be sending the tie above along with the invitations (most of my friends are guy). The girls will be receiving a necklace, haven't figured out which style, but it'll be a short length one to suit all styles of black dresses. The theme is black & white.  

I do like the 'Happy Lab', shame there isn't one in the city. :( I love their packaging, and have their popcorns on my wishlist. The beans are great, but I prefer the 'Original Jelly Beans' the ones made in the USA. 

Mail! Bat Necklace. Not my picture. As the quality wasn't great and one side was lumpy & bumpy (paint job) I painted it a dark velvet purple with glitter. 

I made dinner :P This is an achievement because I'm not exactly a good cook, that and my area is anything sweet. Le beau's always head chef. While the dish was nice it was missing something. A sauce for the pasta I think. No I didn't realize that the simmer sauce would reduce and all absorb into the chicken.

The Ingredients

Around Easter each year Subeta has a plot, and one of the step in the 2013 one is exploring the sewers to find the key. It's hard without a map! Each maze is different though so using your friend's map isn't going to help you. Here's my map. There's blockages, saving points (M/3) and lot of "rooms". Day 1: Wandered around, hoping to get lucky. Time: 2hrs. Day 2: Drew a map, got there in less than an hour (with breaks). 

How was your week? Did anyone try to cook something new?      

Blogger Krissy said... on April 9, 2013 at 2:21 PM  

Good effort cooking up that spaghetti! It looks great!

You live 2 hours away from uni?! Wow so far!

Hmm did I cook anything new? Yes! I did actually. My mum made some veggie stir fry (as she usually does during the week) and I wanted to add some chicken to it so I marinated it with soy sauce, paprika, garlic, salt & pepper and sauteed it and it was amaaazing! So simple yet delish.

I also made a mug cake! lol

Blogger Charlie said... on April 9, 2013 at 10:27 PM  

Two hours via public transport, though today I made it in 1.5hrs. :P

Mug cake sounds amazing! It's not that packet mix one where you add egg + milk and microwave it is it?

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