So Long, Farewell @ Tuesday, April 16, 2013

As a part of our 'Avoid a Depression Relapse' Plan (the relapse due to le beau leaving me, and Austin being... well Austin). Side comment, if Austin was a girl he'd be a Bree Van de Camp, a lady who's great at being in control - an abnormal level of self-control. 

The main thing I'm meant to do is keep busy, another is to do things I like more. Life is too short for soul-crushing subjects like personal development (PD) (where I failed to develop and only learnt things I read in the book). So I've deferred it in favour of theatre.
In theatre, where everyone's nice, funny, and pro at making everything sexual XD. We're doing a German comedy, set in the 50s. A show of hands who can sing Schubert? Not me... but I can play it. Fortunately we're looking to change the song, perhaps 'The Lonely Goatherd' - but with the first couple verse in German. Is it just me or is German not a pretty language? I've never heard it as one of those accents the ladies love either. Or did Hitler ruin the language (and mustache) for everyone? Another song up for consideration is 'So Long, Farewell' which is funny cause the play is set in a mental institution in the 50s, Germany. 

I'm playing one of the three sisters, the youngest (originally most of the characters are boys, but we've changed it). My character is a sweet innocent 14yr old, which is interesting, as 14yr girls are evil and my character mentally seems like she's 10. One of guys came up with an awesome idea for costumes for the 3 sisters: same base dress, but each styled to suit the character. At the moment one is a slut, the middle a stoner, and the youngest as the sweet & innocent one. Lace, pink and petticoats. It's a challenging part as I usually play the mistress/lust or the evil one. I've done sweet & innocent before - but with a dark side. Is it really possible to be innocent w/o being secretly evil?

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