A Month till Exams @ Monday, May 06, 2013


Too tired to function... missed the lec (3rd wk in a row) fortunately there's another session. Made it to the afternoon class though. Mr mob helped me with a few questions, he was very nice as always, and commented on my nails and feathers in my hair (which I've never worn before). :) I'd take a picture of my nails but I can't work the camera with one hand or do macro shots that well.

The manager project is due this week, and at the moment I'm on the body and holding up the guy doing the exe summary and conclusion. Done 1/5-ish of it. It's not that it's hard, it's more of just the fact that I can't concentrate on much these days, and my attention span has decreased significantly. Should we get a few days extension?

The General Post Office at Night

Spent the afternoon and evening on the project, there's progress, but it's slow. Won tickets for a film preview later this week, Tabu. Got free twix and red bull from 7 Eleven, from the spinning wheel promo.

Got home late as someone decided to jump (or perhaps they were pushed - doubt it) in front of the train in the evening. If it was me I'd do it in the city loop or somewhere busier - and during peak hour. If you're going to exit like that might as well add more drama, it's not like it's going to hurt any less.


Fernando: How is it you are always broken and in pain? Something always seems to go wrong.

Too exhausted and sick (yes I'm sick again, almost right after I recovered from the virus  this time it's a bacteria  to function. Misalignment  train arrives 3mins after bus leaves. The result: 20mins late for class - a class goes for like 75mins. For that time that I was in class I fell asleep. First events class I've slept through. 

Off to the library where I worked on the manager project, on the way they were selling KK for 1.50 each (pretty sure they're RRP 2.50). Almost finished another theory.

I do love the original ones, but why is it that they always look like they're sweating? 

Computers class. Bad timing, as I'm going to my next class I see Austin in front of me. He gloomily said hi to me. Law, intense as always. The trick is not to think too much, just keep writing.

Travel, got take-away as I intended to stay back late to finish that project. Well that didn't happened. Got to the library, logged in, checked email. Meanwhile a girl was standing behind me (the one of project partner's class) I thought it was cause I stole her computer, as there were books next to it, but no bag and no one was logged it. Exchanged words about that, she seemed to think she was logged on... 

Later it turns out that she was on a computer somewhere else but saw me and approached me. As she watched me check my (school) email she now knows my name and email... She asks me where I live and when I'm leaving. Well I was going to stay, but not anymore! Anyone else got a active stalker? This is not the first one. Oh and she doesn't speak much English and I have no idea what she says, but I know what she wants. No I don't want to be friends sorry. 

Ian would say that karma has a fast turnaround rate.


Missed the 1st bus by 3mins, and the 2nd (though I was there, it just happened to be a drop-off only bus). Still made it to class on time. :P Mob interesting as always, organization structures. Mr mob talks about working at Cadbury (product dept - Roses) in the 70s where the girls (they called all females girls) were either yr8/9 school drop-outs or women who came back after their kids went to school. It was the norm to quit when you got married, as your husband would look after you, and then like most people you'd have kids. He also talked about how to make marshmallows  using a cornflower mold. Relevance? Cadbury Roses uses them too. 

We got an extension on the project :) and 14/15 for the weekly test. Mr bm talks of the reverse hierarchy, where those at the top serve those at the bottom, the front-line team. It turns out that the reverse hierarchy is not the same as the inverse pyramid, story of why google couldn't find anything on it.

Travel. Walked off in the opposite direction and got lost. There's an abnormal number of cute guys about today, a tradie at school and the metro guy at Glenfaerie station. No. 2 gave me the wrong directions. Got there, Tony le Pony only to find out the kitchen closes 2pm. It would be nice if they said that on the site! Not cool. When I do do a review on that place you betcha it'll be biased. Not happy. If it weren't for the groupon deal that I already paid for I won't be going back there. Oh and the guy who I assume is the owner didn't want me to take pictures... I get withdrawal symptoms when that happens. Now I'm slightly annoyed.

Tony le Pony  

Fortunately we found another place to check out while in town - they were fine with me taking pictures at Cupcake Central. So many choice... what to order? I went with their best seller, the 'Red Velvet' as there was only one left. :P Took a billion pictures of the couple eating each other in the corner didn't realize that they were there... Took pictures of cupcakes, and the guy working there, Shanon (yes that's his real name) asked if he was in them. O.O Normally that implies annoyance to follow. eek. Surprisingly he wanted me to take a picture of him for the blog! XD And that's how I got the first good picture of a person (who wasn't under duress to be in the picture). :) He was super friendly and really nice (and for once nice isn't used in the context of a filler, a word you use to describe someone who's meh). There'll be a post of Cupcake Central coming up. 

Cookies 'n' Cream & French Toast 


A visit to a Dr and cake from Cake World at Box Hill. The girl serving us was nice. Something I noticed that was very odd was the lighting. White dentistry lighting, no warmth at all. Your products would sell better with different lighting, as lighting creates atmosphere. Btw the lighting in this picture was editing.    

Finished my part of the manager project today :) We were also granted an extension so our 3rd member has more time for his part. As I took forever on my part. 

It turns out the girl in the library (who scares me) is a north korean defector (refugee, cause NK is fully under dictatorship, think Orwell's 1984) and is really smart, it's just that she has language difficulties and is socially strange (stranger than me). e.g. To find out someone's name you ask them or their friend, you do not watch them and happen to read their name (email, top right corner has your name). Not that I've noticed (someone told me) but she wears an earpiece so that someone helps her (translations?) and tells her what to do. There is no one someone told her to watch me to find out my name! Who does that?! A friend says she's not just targeting me, she does it to a lot of people and they all run. I see why. In the guide to making friends one rule says 'thou shall not make people feel uncomfortable'. I'm still not entirely convinced that she's not a Russian spy.

After work we met up with jas for churros on our way to see Tabu, which was beside Brunetti’s and then we had dinner at Copperwood. Unlike most weeks this week Thursday gets the featured post, coming soon.

A Cake @ Brunetti's.


A classroom with long blue rows, an elementary school. I sit in a row alone and have my stuff spread across 3 spaces (as usual :P). There's a group of girls who are mean to me, sitting behind me. They push and kick at my chair. Just another day being me *sigh*. I see Austin at the front of the room, he's the TA. I go to talk to him. - scene change - A palace, warm marble floors, long white curtains frame the balcony. Austin sings to me, he was amazing, though I can't recall what he was singing about. Soon I'm on the ceramic balcony railing, trying to hold on, while his girls grab my feet and try to throw me over the balcony. Meanwhile he works on my hands. I died and became a ghost, where I could fly, though I could bump into things and people. My lace wedding dress with a red veil on a mannequin is covered in cobwebs.

It seems like the stress is really getting to me said the dr.   

A long day, it doesn't feel like Friday. Saw the doctor, who says there's no cure other than to calm down and stop stressing. Read some blogs in half-asleep mode. Saw a psychiatrist, she diagnosis me with chronic depression which started when my 1st bf left me (this was decades ago it seems) O.o While deep down I think my default mode is depressed I don't actually think I'm depressed. But then you might never know with so many layers to the onion, or in my case characters and masks.

Class, discussions on contracts. Mr law discovers where I live (it was on a form to be signed) and says he goes past on his daily walks O.o XD slightly scary, as I don't know anyone who lives remotely near us, but I did know we lived within walking distance of each other (we were on the same train + carriage once).

Tea Party 

Library. No work done, was too distracted researching my costume for a tea party in a few weeks. Now I'm not sure if the theme is Wonderland or just costume, as it says "Mad Hatter Theme". I found the Queen of Hearts costume - Tudor style! I love love love it! Though there's no time to make it, so I was thinking of going either as 'Little Red Riding Hood' or a version of the Q of Hearts e.g. Sweeney Todd era or modern/50s twist.

Damn she found me. I find a good way to hide from someone is to sit behind them, not directly of course, but say behind some shelves. That helped for a couple hours, and then she found me. Asked for help with her project, remember if you talk to her you're just encouraging her. I don't actually remember how I did that project. She picks a chair and sits quietly beside me (uninvited) watching me reorganize my files. What else could I do that wouldn't provide her with more info about me? Note that the entire time, since we ended the project conversation that my headphones are in my ears. When someone has their headphones in you don't talk to them.  After a while she tires of watching me format my notes and asks for my number - again. I ask why and she says she's curious O.o When I'm curious I ask where all the white bunny rabbits come from, I don't ask for numbers. She then says I'm pretty and she wants to be friends. O.O You can't say that to people unless you're drunk, or the other person is a model. You can say their brooch is pretty, but not the person. Because then it gets weird  Fortunately after asking me when I'm leaving she goes back to her work. 

Not sure why but I find it difficult to directly say no I don't want to be friends. Oh and I checked, no earpiece, or at least not tonight. Any suggestions on how to tell her to go away? So far she's asked for my number (twice), where I live and my age (using the 'when did you graduate' tactic).

Saturday & Sunday

Slept in, lost in my dreams. Theatre, I like theatre, everyone's nice. :) Tim-tams or Oreos? I'm making cupcakes, unfortunately Coles is out of stock. But I got a raincheck (a promise that an unaccepted offer will be renewed in the future.) for 12 packets (the Spanish ones), which was great. As they're on sale for $1, normally almost $3.

Oreo Cupcakes

Will the cookies go soggy if I stick them in the night before? 

Sundays go either one way or another. a. I go to badminton and end up too tired to work b. I spend the day in my dreams, and end up missing my 9am Monday class. Today it was the later. Sundays are the worst days for me, they're the days when I miss le beau the most and feel more alone then ever.

At some point I studied web designing and so find this quite amusing. XD
*click to enlarge*

Mail! I do love getting the mail.

A letter from Germany, it's not often that you receive an orange envelope.

A necklace that was described to be "new with tags" this was not the case as you can see. Two rhinestones are missing, they also overcharged on shipping to make up for a low price and then compared it to RRP. Seeking a refund at the moment, we may have to take this up with paypal though.

A double pass to the preview night of 'Tabu'.

Natio - Aromatherapy Gift Set

I won this in early April though we didn't receive it till no (IT issues). Having sensitive skin I'm not sure if I'll use all three items, though I will be trying out the toner next week, as I'm not currently using one.

How was your week? 
Did you try anything new?
Tim Tam or Oreos?

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